28 Challenging Puzzles That Are Anything But Basic

Ready for a challenge?

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1. Roundominoes

The puzzle that will tease your brain *and* allow you to be creative, Roundominoes is so pretty that you'll want to put it on display when you're not attempting one of the challenges.

Price: $44.95

5. Inside³ Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes

Your task is to guide a metal ball through seven layers of mazes: mazes that you can't actually see the ball rolling through. There are five different versions of these patience-testing cubes: Easy, Mean, Awful, Vicious, and Mortal. You may be cocky enough to think you could beat the Vicious version, but it would *probably* be best to start with Easy and work your way up.

Price: $27.89

Upload a photo or drawing and have it turned into an intricate puzzle made using a laser cutter. You also get to choose the shape (circle, square, or octagon) and add in several special "whimsie" pieces (like the leaves or the astronauts you see in the puzzles above).

Price: $30+

22. Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzles

Don't be deceived by their cuteness: these little guys are truly difficult to solve. Pop one in your pocket and attempt to work out the solution whenever you're waiting in line or sitting in traffic.

Price: $12.99

23. Dreidel 3x3x3 Magic IQ Brick

Have a hard time solving a Rubix cube? You're apt to have a *really* hard time solving the Dreidel. Like the Rubix, there are 26 little blocks to spin around and organize, but each of those little blocks has many other spin-able pieces attached. Good luck!

Price: $48