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13 Year Old Boy With Leukemia Gets A Visit From His Favorite YouTuber

Sal Wise was first diagnosed with leukemia at age 10 and relapsed last month.

mikep13 • 4 years ago

The Top 10 Condom Challenge Videos

The "condom challenge" is the newest trend on YouTube started by one teen who decided to snort one up here nose and out her mouth. We hope by watching these videos, that people will be disgusted and never attempt it.

mikep13 • 5 years ago

NSFW - No Cheese On My Hamburger

Was he having a bad day? Even is he was, relax my friend, life is too short.

mikep13 • 6 years ago

Pam Man

Meet Pam Man...Yes, I found that weird place on YouTube again...

mikep13 • 6 years ago

The Weirdest Green Screen Test

From the depths of YouTube emerges this Creed-soundtracked green screen test. I can't stop watching it over and over...

mikep13 • 7 years ago

A Real Person, A Lot Like You

A good amount of people forget that all negative comments on Buzzfeed, Facebook, and thousands of other social media sites can be hurtful. Remember, there is a real person behind every computer.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Olympics 2024

This little girl is getting ready for the 2024 Olympics. Unfortunately, she still needs a little bit more training.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Knex Skeeball Machine

Where can I buy this machine? This would be perfect for my man cave.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Another Dog Delivering Beer

I need this dog. Message to owner: Please give him a special treat for this.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

One Tired Marine

I think it's time to relieve this Marine from his post. He needs to get some shuteye.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Yankee Fan Ball-Catching Fail

The old unintentional flip while trying to catch a foul ball. Classic

mikep13 • 7 years ago

How Fast Do You Think They Are Going?

I'm not sure myself. I blinked and missed them.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Monkey Escape

This monkey wants out from jail bad. The guy should have slipped him a cake with a nail file at least.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Two Cats On A Ladder Battle

The cat on the top was all show, taking down by one strike.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

How To Correctly Serve A Watermelon

Just in case you didn't know how. You will after watching this.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

You Don't Know Jack: The Proposal

This is a very original way to ask someone to marry you.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Loser Mountainbiker Cries After Losing Sprint

Don't worry, there is always next time. If that was me, I might be slightly embarrassed.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Is "Sight" A Glimpse Of Our Future

I can picture the future looking like this. As far as that dating app, I'm getting that as soon as it comes out.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Ice Stealing Dogs

I'm OK with this as long as they don't open the fridge and start stealing the beer. It's happened to me before.

mikep13 • 7 years ago

Mako Shark Does 9 Amazing Somersaults

This is a one in a life time experience. I need to start fishing again.

mikep13 • 7 years ago