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Ellen Page Gets Her Flirt On With Julianne Moore In The First "Freeheld" Clip

"Can I get your number?"

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A new clip from Freeheld, starring Ellen Page and Julianne Moore as a New Jersey couple fighting for equal rights, shows the two leading ladies first getting to know each other.

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Directed by Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and adapted from an Oscar-winning 2007 documentary short, the film follows Detective Lieutenant Laurel Hester's fight to legally transfer her earned pension over to her partner, Stacie Andree, following a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Ahead of the film's Toronto Film Festival premiere, we get to see Stacie (Ellen Page) approaching Laurel (Julianne Moore) following a volleyball practice.

Lionsgate / Via
Lionsgate / Via

The volleyball meeting has already been hinted at in set photos and the original trailer:

Look at my cutie @EllenPage on the set of #FREEHELD. She wants to play volleyball...aww

The short scene also reminds us all just how hard it is to gather up the courage to ask someone out.

Lionsgate / Via

The clip ends without revealing Laurel's response, but knowing the plot it's safe to say Stacie gets the digits. / Via Lionsgate
Lionsgate / Via

Freeheld will open in limited release on Oct. 2, and then wider on Oct. 9.

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