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This Man And His Wolfdog Will Make You Want To Go Hiking Right Now

Friendship goals.

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Loki started backcountry skiing when he was 4 months old, and he has seen most of the West before his third birthday.

Kelly Lund

Lund will occasionally let him roam the woods free, then later track him down with a GPS locator attached to his collar.


Loki is a a low-content wolfdog, meaning he is genetically more dog than wolf. Still, caring for a wolfdog isn't easy, Lund says.

Kelly Lund

Wolfdogs "require an extreme amount of exercise and socialization that most people do not have time for ... There is an incredible need for wolfdog adoption because most people bring a wolfdog home and end up getting rid of it because they had no idea what they are getting themselves into. We hope to bring more light to this issue.”

"I'm fascinated by Loki and his quirky personality," says Lund. "He doesn't beg for attention. He's always present. It teaches me to be present and find satisfaction in the simple, natural things in life."

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