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The Artist Behind Iconic Disney Films Drawing In Virtual Reality Is Incredible

"The soul of any kind of creative art form is freedom."

Disney animator Glen Keane is known for creating Ariel, The Beast, Tarzan, and Aladdin, or basically a '90s kid's childhood. Ashley Rodholm was able to give Keane the opportunity to paint in virtual reality, and it will give you too many feels.


Keane was at Disney for 38 years before he left to explore creating interactive shorts. Now he has the chance to literally have iconic characters come off the page.

He explained that, as an animator for Disney, his characters were real and he would find himself becoming the character he was creating. He only wished he could step into that world.

But with 3D painting and virtual reality, his dream can come true, and it's absolutely mesmerizing.

He can now make a life-size Ariel and have her in the room with everyone!

Yes, Science! Yes, Disney!