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Harry Potter Fans, J.K. Rowling Says It’s Officially “The Dawn Of The Age Of Hufflepuff”

So won't the real Hufflepuffs please stand up?

Hufflepuffs are friendly, fair, patient, kind, tolerant, trustworthy, loyal as all hell, and seriously unafraid of some toil.


We're, like, real loyal.

However, for some reason, many think of us as the leftover house. But believe you me, we're nobody's leftovers.

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Need proof? J.K. Rowling has our back.

And according to Rowling — you know, the woman who birthed Harry Potter — it is now “the dawn of the Age of Hufflepuff.”

This is starting to feel like the dawn of the Age of Hufflepuff... #FantasticBeasts

"This is starting to feel like the dawn of the Age of Hufflepuff... #FantasticBeasts."

That's right, everyone — it's Hufflepuff time... and we're comin' at ya hard.

Warner Bros.

How hard? Star-of-a-trilogy hard.


ICYMI, the leading man of Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), is a proud and true Hufflepuff. He bleeds black and yellow.

So get ready because we're bringing our kindness...

Warner Bros.

We're bringing our humor...

Warner Bros.

We're bringing our bravery...

Warner Bros.

...and, most importantly, we're bringing our swagger.

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