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Here Are Brand-New Images From The Illustrated Edition Of “Harry Potter”

The first fully illustrated edition of Harry Potter goes on sale Oct. 6.

In just a few short weeks, Bloomsbury and Scholastic will publish the first fully illustrated version of the Harry Potter books, with all of the art work done by the award-winning British artist, Jim Kay.

Back in January, the publishing houses released a few of the first images from the book.

And now we have a sneak peek into some brand new illustrations. Here's a sketch of Harry Potter's character:

And here's an illustration of Hagrid riding his motorcycle through the sky, with Harry in tow:

In this exclusive video, Kay talks about his artistic process and how he goes about creating these breathtaking illustrations:


J.K. Rowling has even endorsed the book, herself. Here's the quote that's going to show up on the back of the finished book, as well:

"Seeing Jim Kay's illustrations moved me profoundly. I love his interpretation of Harry Potter's world, and I feel honoured and grateful that he has lent his talent to it."

We can't wait to see the rest!

You can buy a copy of the U.S. and UK illustrated editions of Harry Potter starting October 6.