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Tourist Meets Penguin

An interesting encounter in Magdelana Island in Southern Chile.

Say OMG 6 years ago

Peacocks Scare Girl

Two peacocks suddenly erupt into song, scaring little girl

Say OMG 8 years ago

Kitten pwned by tv

Among other things, tv makes you lose your balance.

Say OMG 8 years ago

Don't Stop

Nice song & video

Say OMG 8 years ago

App Cat and Dog Chatting

Talking Tom, the cat and talking Ben, the dog have a very interesting conversation

Say OMG 8 years ago

Beach Horse Riding Fail

Beach horse riding could really romantic. Unfortunately there are some times that things going not as expected

Say OMG 8 years ago

Pinball Skate Park

Amazing pinball themed skate park in New Zealand

Say OMG 8 years ago

A Cat With Style

Whatever you do in this life, no matter how easy it is, you have to do it with class and style.

Say OMG 8 years ago