A Harry Potter-Themed Bar Just Opened And You Have To Pay Your Respects

Accio cocktails.

1. Ever wish you could drink with your fave Gryffindors?

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Well, your dream just got a little bit closer to becoming a reality.

2. Welcome to The Lockhart, a brand-new Harry Potter–themed bar in Toronto, Canada.

3. The bar, which looks like a modern apothecary, is strewn with subtle bits of Harry Potter magic.

To start, there’s a hidden Deathly Hallows symbol and a small collection of Harry Potter POP! dolls, according to Now Toronto.

4. And there are hints of Harry’s Patronus…

6. Then, there are the wizard-inspired cocktails that will make a true fan drunk in love.

7. Take, for example, the spine-tingling Shacklebolt…

It uses house-infused spiced rum.

8. Or the intriguing cucumber-infused Botanist.

There are also cocktails like “Befuddlement Brew” and “Ludo’s Debt.”

9. There’s even a drink fit for Death Eaters.

And it’s called the jalapeño death shot and it’s served in a glass skull.

10. And if you’re drinking with a gang, your drinks might come in a glass cauldron.

Accio cauldron!

11. Did I mention that even the owners are bewitching?!

Pass the Amortentia.

12. Cheers to ~magic~.

Warner Bros. Pictures

If you want to make your own Harry Potter cocktails, go here.

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