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A Harry Potter-Themed Bar Just Opened And You Have To Pay Your Respects

Accio cocktails.

Ever wish you could drink with your fave Gryffindors?

Welcome to The Lockhart, a brand-new Harry Potter–themed bar in Toronto, Canada.

The bar, which looks like a modern apothecary, is strewn with subtle bits of Harry Potter magic.

And there are hints of Harry's Patronus...


Then, there are the wizard-inspired cocktails that will make a true fan drunk in love.

Take, for example, the spine-tingling Shacklebolt...

Or the intriguing cucumber-infused Botanist.

There's even a drink fit for Death Eaters.

And if you're drinking with a gang, your drinks might come in a glass cauldron.

Did I mention that even the owners are bewitching?!

Cheers to ~magic~.