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8 Photos Of Dogs Before And After Being Rescued

The ASPCA works with the NYPD to rescue animals who are in need and ultimately place them in loving forever homes.

1. Chowda

Chowda was rescued by the NYPD from an apartment building. She was emaciated and suffering from a skin disease, but after four months of serious TLC at the ASPCA — Chowda was on her way to full recovery. She was adopted five months after her rescue to Diana A. and her husband, Chris, of Brooklyn, New York. Now she lives out her days happily snuggling with her pit bull sister, Meisha, and dishing out kisses to her forever family.

2. Sweet Bea

Bea is a 2-year-old pit bull who arrived at the ASPCA with a bad head wound. She was abused so she was extremely nervous around humans, but it wasn't long before she made a full recovery. Bea found a loving forever home a few months later where she was able to come out of her shell and finally learn what unconditional love feels like.

3. Charlotte

Charlotte was severely injured and left in a trash bag on the side of the road when she was rescued. After six weeks of treatment at the ASPCA for brain trauma, a fractured skull, and a fractured femur, Charlotte recovered and found a loving forever home. Her new human gives her all the love and TLC that she needs, and this lil' lady has extremely happy days ahead of her.

4. Jack

Jack was rescued with the two other Shih Tzus below, Chrissy and Janet.

5. Chrissy

The NYPD discovered the trio in May and they were so severely matted that their vision was impaired.

6. Janet

These buddies are still under the care of the ASPCA and are continuing to recover so they can live out the rest of their days in happy homes!

7. Frankie

After being dropped down a garbage chute and sustaining serious injuries, the NYPD brought Frankie to the ASPCA for treatment. Three months later, the little dude found a forever home with Rose. He loves his new family and his favorite activities are going on walks and playing "find it" around the house with his treats!

8. Fraggle

This 3-year-old pit bull was found zipped inside a suitcase and severely malnourished when he was rescued. Though progress is slow, this little guy is finally making his way to a healthy recovery under the care of the ASPCA and he'll be on his way to a loving forever home soon enough.

If you're interested in helping to fight animal abuse, sign the ASPCA's Fight Animal Cruelty Pledge here.