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A photo of the Spice Girls in the late '90s kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

It's the return of the whale tail.

Universities say freedom of expression is already alive and well on campuses, thanks for asking.

Apparently wonky eyeliner is about to be a thing of the past.

Never have sore feet again.

There's a lot of research that you may not know about.

Long gone are the days of the boxy black dress and oversized shirt.


*Leaves movie theater* *Immediately queues up Queen on Spotify for the rest of the week*


"Baby mine, don't you cry." — Me, singing along while FULLY crying.

"Whether the onions are on top or underneath, I'll always be buying sausages on bread," says Australia's prime minister, who has commented on this for some reason.

Tank Hafertepen and his dom boyfriend, Dylan, ran a popular blog about their relationship, but after Tank’s death from testicular silicone injections, their fans said Dylan was responsible.



Turn ya mind off for a minute.

They’re the only animals other than dogs that have been shown to do this.

"Whenever I hear of the 'striking resemblance' with Jessie J to Jenna Dewan, my only thoughts are ummmmmm no."

TLDR; Edward Cullen was a creep.


"It can't become something that defines us."

Marriage equality was achieved, but at what cost?

Thank god for the internet.

Man's best friend indeed.


*Azealia Banks voice* THE GIRLS ARE FIGHTING!!!!!

Yunxiang Gao's lawyers said they had to cross-examine his accuser on her story, but a judge ruled the woman did not need to give evidence at a pre-trial hearing.

"It has been 349 days since I said yes to the love of my life, Richard Ben Charlton, the King of Aldovia. Somehow through all this insanity I'm still me..."

Facebook’s proposed technology would analyze your #wifey tags, shared IP addresses, and photos to predict whom you live with.

Porter was an actor. She was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Diddy from 1994 until 2007.

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