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I just really love Emma Chamberlain.

Ehis Osifo • 58 minutes ago

They're way more relatable and funny than they have any right to be.

Mike Spohr • 1 hour ago

Let's be honest, you don't listen to any song after 2001 and that's your right!

When I tell you that I was within an inch of my life after seeing these pictures, I'm not kidding.


Nothing is ordinary about these siblings.


"Ships after watching Umbrella Academy: Klaus/happiness."

"She's my friend friend."

"In [the black] community a lot of times we don't say 'Ay bro, I love you. What's going on? Let's hop on the phone real quick. I just wanna check-in on you.'"

"I will sell my soul to get tickets to a Jonas Brothers reunion tour..... done deal."

We found and stalked their social media so you don't have to.


And no, you can't pick Leonard.

"My ovaries were not ready."

"eleven years later or whatever"


So you think you're a real Arianator, huh?? Prove it!

"I would never."


"Some of y'all didn't read Sarah Dessen books growing up and it shows."

"I need to take the rest of the day off."

“Also I would like to add that killer 👏🏾cramps 👏🏾ain’t 👏🏾normal👏🏾”

Breaking: The Beatles are canceled.

She had secrets, but couldn't keep 'em!

This show deserves every Emmy.


Are you more Gina's or Jake's type?

"Show me the receipts."


"It feels like the sonic version of someone giving you a hug and telling you it will all be okay."

They do the darndest things!

Documentaries that rethink decades-old scandals, like Amazon’s Lorena, are becoming routine. But when will we start extending public empathy in real time?

Broke: Noah Calhoun, woke: Lon Hammond, Jr.

Your faves could never.


It's harder than it looks.


Clubbing with Mariah Carey, a surprise from Joanna Gaines, and more.

I blame the Y2K scare for some of the music choices we made that year.

Chrissy back at it again.

Did he only do this because of "Hotline Bling"?

"Stand down."

Sometimes the internet is the worst.

Eartha Kitt had a threesome with James Dean and Paul Newman.

It's always wedding szn somewhere!

And this is NOT including all the Disney character cameos!

"I'm feeling 22...months pregnant."

We love a chill bride!


"Peach Salinger’s brain when she realized her laptop was stolen."

It was destiny!

"If you tell me you didn't immediately love Tim Riggins when he showed up to practice half-drunk, you’re a liar."

"Totally surreal."

I live for a good ranking.

"Banks gonna be pissed."

You know the drill.

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