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Dixie D'Amelio says, "I really don't wanna work anymore"

11 Most Out-Of-Touch Celeb Moments Of 2023

For a TikTok video to promote her new snack brand, Charli D'Amelio donned a blue vest and worked the register at a Walmart. Commenters called her out for "roleplaying the working class."

"You have to cut [Miles Teller's] meat for him, a man who 10 minutes earlier showed you an iPhone photo of his back muscles to prove how strong he is"

13 Times Interviewers Got Fed Up With Rude Celebs And Let Them Have It

When Donald Trump appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2012, he ranted about China's economic power threatening the US's place as the "world leader." In response, the host brought out some made-in-China ties from his Macy's line, rendering him momentarily speechless.

John Mulaney Reflected On His “Extremely Eventful” Time In Rehab Following His 2020 Drug Relapse Years After Admitting He Was “Mad” At His Friends For Staging An Intervention

“Going to rehab and a lot of other things had become public knowledge, and I felt there was no way to start doing stand-up again without going through this,” the former SNL writer said of his decision to discuss rehab in his Netflix special.


Matt Rife Said He Had The “Humbling Epiphany” That People Only Hate Him Because They’re “Jealous,” And The Brutal Way He Was Immediately Shut Down Has Won Praise Online

“‘Humbling epiphany’ followed by ‘everyone who hates me is just jealous’ is so lacking in self-awareness it’s hilarious,” one person said of Matt’s comments after watching the resurfaced clip.

Kourtney Kardashian Can’t Win

Between her therapy journey and long-awaited fairytale romance, Kourtney’s life has drastically changed for the better in recent years. As a result, you'd think her family's relentless criticism of her unhappiness would've dialed down too. It hasn't.

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