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beauty week

beauty week

11 Really Good Beauty Products BuzzFeed Employees Actually Swear By

So maybe we have a lipstick addiction. No judgement, pls.

This Is What Trendy Metallic Lipsticks Look Like IRL

"I felt like Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century."

21 Times Black Men's Style Game Was Hella On Point

Just a lil' dapperness and #BlackBoyJoy.

14 Things That'll Make Any Makeup Lover Say "YAS, QUEEN!"

aka, reasons I'll most likely put MUA in my Instagram bio.

15 Life-Saving Products For Anybody With Oily Eyelids

Turns out eye makeup *can* stay on all day without smudging.

17 Reasons Women Wear Weave That Have Nothing To Do With Insecurity

PSA: Women want to look good for ourselves, not men.

24 Jokes For Anybody Who Is Sick Of Being Told They Wear Too Much Makeup

"Guys prefer less makeup." "Then they should wear less makeup."

27 Memes That Will Make Every Hairstylist Actually LOL

"Should I pee before I put on her color or put on her color and then pee?"

My Mama’s Manicures Taught Me How To Take Care Of Myself

For a long time, I didn’t want to be “my mother’s daughter.” But it turns out that, at least when it comes to getting our nails done, I am.

I Tried A Five-Minute Mommy Makeup Routine And I'm Into It

Drugstore makeup. It's a beautiful thing.

18 Former "America's Next Top Model" Contestants Who Are Actually Getting Work

From modeling to acting, these former Top Model contestants are paving their own way to the top.

18 Beauty Vloggers That Will Vastly Improve Your Makeup Game

YouTube has so much more to offer than sponsored hauls.

24 Memes That Are Way Too Real For Every Barber

"There's low fade, mid fade, hi fade, taper fade..."

11 Things You Wouldn't Have Without Black Women

"YOU'RE WELCOME!" —Black women everywhere.

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