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11 Really Good Beauty Products BuzzFeed Employees Actually Swear By

So maybe we have a lipstick addiction. No judgement, pls.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

1. Bitch Slap Foil Highlighter in Gold makes me feel like a queen (even though my bank account is like a pauper's).

Essence Gant

"So I didn't even start wearing highlight until last year. Who knew a little shimmer on your cheekbones and temples could level up your look so much?! My latest highlight obsession is by Bitch Slap Cosmetics. I've been wearing the Foil Highlighter in the shade Gold, and it just makes my spirit sooooo happy every time I dab it on. The color is so rich and deep, and it really makes my skin glow. If I could put it on my whole body without staining BuzzFeed's furniture every time I sat down, I would.

It comes in a compact, and the color is dark gold, more along the bronze side. There's also really pretty specks of silver in there. Putting it on is so easy, as your brush or blender will pick the color right up. A little goes a loooooong way, though, so don't think that you have to drown your brush in the product. Literally just a light graze over the surface, and then sweep it on your face. In the pic above, I applied it very lightly and you can still see it glowing. I love this stuff!" —Essence Gant, Beauty Editor

Get it on Bitch Slap Cosmetics for $20.

2. If matte lipstick and lip gloss had a baby, its name would be L’Oreal Infallible Paints.

Nichole Perkins

"First of all, ignore my eyebrows. I’m growing them out. Again. Now, I tend to wear matte lipsticks or sheer glosses, so I thought trying L’Oreal Infallible Paints would be a good compromise, and I was right! I liked the creaminess and the staying-power. The color Violet Twist didn’t budge, even after a case of the afternoon munchies.

I received lots of compliments on Cool Coral, which I really liked. I was wearing Cool Coral when I went to grab lunch one day, and the host gave me free chocolate chip cookies. I think it was because of my bold lip choice! It’s brighter than what I normally wear, and it really makes my bottom lip look luscious. As a black woman who wasn’t blessed with much of an upper lip, I take my victories where I can.

DIY Red had more orange to it than I thought it would, but once it settled, I could easily see it becoming a summer nights favorite. I’d definitely recommend these, but warn that a little goes a long way. I had to do a lot of blotting." —Nichole Perkins, BuzzFeed Contributor

Get them on Amazon for $7.99 each.

3. This J.R. Watkins Body Scrub had my whole body feeling like a baby's bottom.

Brianna Holt

"I’ve never been a body scrub person. A bar of soap has always done the job, BUT BABY LET ME TELL YOU! This J.R. Watkins Grapefruit Sugar and Shea Body Scrub was the bomb!!! I could feel my skin getting smoother immediately after applying it on my body. And once I scrubbed and rinsed it off, my average 22-year-old skin felt like a baby’s bottom. My favorite thing about this product is that it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry when I washed it off. I felt so moisturized that I didn't even apply lotion after. On top of that, it left my body smelling like a freshly opened grapefruit. So over all, this product is a huge win for me." —Brianna Holt, Community Editor

Get it on Amazon for $10.79.

4. I felt like a unicorn rockin' my MAC Justine Skye Iridescent Powder.

Chantal Follins

"I was SO excited to try this out! I’m a big fan of Justine Skye and I’ve been looking forward to trying a subtle, but fierce, shimmer on my cheeks for awhile now. The color shimmers as soon as you open the compact. I love that the powder doesn’t crumble or get messy while applying. The first thing I noticed is how lightweight the powder is, which I appreciate. I’m not trying to be out here looking like a Christmas ornament, so I’m happy this powder isn't too extra. I am completely obsessed with its shimmer and glow! After finally embracing and loving my cheekbones, this powder just boosted my ego even more. It's about to be my new BFF. Lunch dates, jogs, froyo. We're doing everything together. Bye, basic blush. You’ve been replaced." —Chantal Follins, Social Media Strategist

Get it on MAC for $27.

5. Real talk, shouts out to Wet n Wild for good lipstick that's not crazy overpriced.

Shanice Bland

"Love this color Mink Brown by Wet n Wild! I've seen their cosmetics all my life in the makeup sections of big super stores, but never thought to try it. I now have to take another look because this color really compliments my skin. I'm feeling this shine that the color brings and love how I can wear this to work or out at night. And let's not forget about that affordable price! Shout out to you, Wet n Wild!" —Shanice Bland, Production & Coordination Fellow

Get it on Wet n Wild for $0.99.

6. Glossier's Boy Brow really helped fill in the ends of my eyebrows.

Brianna Holt

"The Glossier Boy Brow is best for people with thin eyebrows, in my opinion. My eyebrows are fairly thick but tend to get sparse toward the ends. This product worked great on the ends of my brows to help with the shape and make them appear a bit fuller. What I liked most, though, is that it didn’t give off that “You for sure fill in your brows” look. I went with the clear formula. It naturally fluffed them, and I didn’t feel like I had just slabbed on a shitload of brow gel. Overall, I would suggest trying the product." —B.H.

Get it on Glossier for $16.

7. I knew this Olaxer lipstick in the shade Bloom was the shit the moment I put it on.

Meghan Allen

"I usually shy away from bright colors because I’m convinced they make me look like a clown. But that wasn’t the case with the Olaxer Lipstick. This shade of pink looked bomb with my brown skin and made me feel fit for spring! I immediately knew this lipstick was the shit the moment I put it on because it felt like velvet on the lips, and the color immediately popped. There was no need for an extra layer. The best part? Lasted all throughout dinner and not a smudge on my wine glass." —Meghan Allen, Jr. News Producer

Get the pack of six on Amazon for $15.99.

8. So I don't know what kind of sorcery this Nivea In-Shower Cocoa Butter Lotion is, but I like it!

Chantal Follins

"I was very curious to see how this would work for me. I've heard of in-shower lotions, but I've been hesitant to try them because I'm not about that skin-feeling-like-sandpaper life. This lotion goes on like normal lotion, and it doesn't lather like body wash, which I was expecting. I made sure to apply it after my body wash like the bottle said, and I felt like I was violating some type of shower regimen. It was so weird but cool to put on lotion WHILE in the shower. I rinsed the lotion away and dried off as usual and my skin actually felt nice! I didn't have the urge to put on lotion right after the shower like I usually do. But the real test came the next morning. Would I wake up to powdered donut elbows? Would I create a fire in my bed because of all the ash? NOPE! I still needed lotion the next morning, but not as much as I thought. I just applied a bit to the usual suspects; my elbows and knees. I'd definitely use this more often." —C.F.

Get it on Amazon for $4.74.

9. Meet my new obsession, MAC Retro Matte in Ess-Presso!

Morgan Murrell

"Let me introduce y'all to my new obsession: MAC's Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Ess-Presso! When I first looked at the tube, the shade gave me sexy chocolate vibes. Once I put it on my lips, it was a mix of brown and grey, and I instantly fell in love. I was feeling myself taking these selfies; I can't even lie. What I loved most about this matte finish is the smooth texture it left on my lips, because you know sometimes matte products can have your lips looking and feeling dry. Not this one, tho!" —Morgan Murrell, Celebrity & Pop Culture Writer

Get it on MAC for $21.

10. Faux Sure blush by MAC is officially my summer shade!

Kovie Biakolo

"I like to wear blush in a very subtle way. And that's what I really enjoy most about the MAC Extra Dimension formula. You can pack it on for more pigment, or apply softly for just a little color to the cheeks. Going to be wearing this in the summer a lot, too. I like that it gives my cheekbones a lift and makes my face pop a little but it still looks natural. Side note: I've never tried MAC before, even though I know it's hugely popular. I'm glad it lives up to the hype!" —Kovie Biakolo, Deputy Entertainment Editor

Get it on MAC for $28.

11. Mehron Metallic Powder in Copper lasts forever and instantly transforms you into a glitter goddess.

Caity Arthur

"I am not going to lie. I was scared to use this because the powder is very loose, and there is a lot of it! Us clumsy folk are bound to one day drop it and be completely submerged in glitter, so I kept it real simple. I am a very natural make-up wearer anyway, and I only like shadow in the corners of my eyes for a little pop. I tried using a brush first but felt the application was too much for my liking, so I just lightly dipped my finger into the glitter bomb and dabbed lightly on the corner of my eyes.

I gotta say this made me look SO good!!! I loved the subtle shimmer, and this big-ass bottle of glitter can last forever and never run out if you just use it to pop and accent like I did. Heavier makeup wearers, especially, can have some REAL fun with this product. I will say that if you're not careful, all types of glitter will end up all over your hands and face when you're wearing it out—but that’s just a casualty of being a glitter goddess!" —Caity Arthur, Health Video Producer

Get it on Amazon for $10.88.