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Rapper Nipsey Hussle Used His Fame To Help Push Young People Toward Tech Skills And Entrepreneurship

"The only way you’re going to be fulfilled is if you know you gave everything you had," said Hussle, who was killed Sunday. "You emptied yourself here, you left it all here, because it’s temporary and you’ve got a moment."

Amber Jamieson 7 months ago
Ehis Osifo 8 months ago
Ehis Osifo 9 months ago
Ehis Osifo 10 months ago

You're Not Living Your Best Life 'Til You've Heard Billy Porter's 7 Rules To Live By

"So if you're wondering why I'm always turning it with the clothes and the looks, darling, that is why!"

Ehis Osifo 10 months ago
Ehis Osifo 10 months ago

Here's Why "Lynching In America" Is Still Something We Should Be Talking About

This initiative is confronting the legacy of racial terror in the country.

Chantal Follins 2 years ago

We Recreated Iconic Black Album Covers

These iconic covers are getting the love they deserve.

Ellie Sunakawa 2 years ago

11 Really Good Beauty Products BuzzFeed Employees Actually Swear By

So maybe we have a lipstick addiction. No judgement, pls.

Essence Gant 2 years ago

Dear World, Let Me Introduce You To Justine Skye

The purple unicorn has arrived.

Chantal Follins 2 years ago

23 Hilarious Tweets About "Get Out"

"Now you're in the sunken place."

Michael Blackmon 2 years ago

17 Things You'll Recognize If You Grew Up In Houston, Texas

"This is how they made me. Houston, Texas, baby."

Chantal Follins 2 years ago

The 19 Most Incredible Moments For Black Hollywood In 2016

Our picks for the best in black entertainment this year.

Sylvia Obell 2 years ago

Simone Biles' Favorite Moment Of 2016 Will Make Your Heart Melt

"You push each other harder than you’ve ever pushed before in practice, and you’ve given all of your belief, not only to yourself, but to your teammates, and I think that’s really special."

Kristin Harris 2 years ago

Can You Guess Which Celebrity Is Older?

Swimming in that fountain of youth...or nah?

Chantal Follins 3 years ago
Hannah Giorgis 3 years ago

I Went To Beyoncé's Formation World Tour And It Changed My Life

Yeah I know, you've heard how Beyoncé gave life and slayed the stage, and even though she did all of that and more, this is much much deeper than that.

Chantal Follins 3 years ago

8 Black Women On Body Image And Societal Expectations

A conversation about our bodies, the messages we receive about them, and how being black women complicates it all.

Hannah Giorgis 3 years ago