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Danielle Brooks From "OITNB" Dropped A New Single And This Song Slaps

She acts! She sings! She can do anything!

This is Danielle Brooks. You may know her from her iconic role as Taystee on Netflix's Orange Is The New Black – the best character on the show, in my humble opinion.

Taylor Miller, Netflix

She recently joined Cocoa Butter to talk about her new single "Black Woman" and what inspired her to make such a bop.

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What inspired you to write this song?


Danielle Brooks: "So, I wrote this with two of my friends and one of them asked me if I could talk about anything I wanted to without a filter, what would that be? And, for me, it was the experience of being a black woman. I decided to write this song, without any filters, of my journey as a black woman in America. "

What do you want people to get out of this song?


DB: "I want black women to feel empowered by this song; I want them to feel on top of the world. I want them – when they're home, and they just had the worst day of their life, or just had the best day of their life – to play this song and feel like they could take over the world."

Love this interview as much as we do? Be sure to check out Danielle Brooks' new single, "Black Woman", out now!