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    17 Things You'll Recognize If You Grew Up In Houston, Texas

    "This is how they made me. Houston, Texas, baby."

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    Every Texan has a strong opinion about the city they're from.

    Matthew Stockman

    But it's time to talk about the best city in Texas.

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    1. Tex-Mex

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    The unlimited chips and salsa, delicious margaritas, and the sweet, sweet victory of your clothes smelling like fajitas for the rest of the evening.

    2. Marvin Zindler

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    You could always count on Marvin Zindler to bring you cutting edge investigative journalism. You also could count on his legendary phrase "Sliiiime in the Ice Machine!", and his iconic signoff ""Marrrrrvin Zindler..... Eyeeeeeewitness NEWS!" Rest in peace, Marvin.

    3. Beyoncé / Via

    There is no higher honor than being able to say you were born and raised in the same city as Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. She's our hometown hero and has repped the city no matter where she goes. Plus she loves Frenchy's chicken like the rest of us!

    4. Traffic / Via

    Houston traffic has a life of its own. If you need to be somewhere on the other side of the city, you better leave at least an hour and a half before you need to be there.

    5. Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

    Robert Paul Young / Via Flickr: robertpaulyoung

    Ahh, the Houston Rodeo. All of our favorite fried foods, slightly sketchy theme park rides, and musical lineups to satisfy Houston's diversity (like The Chainsmokers, what?).

    6. Space Center Houston

    Space Center Houston / Via

    Remember the scene in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory when the children first enter the factory for the first time? That's what it was like as a kid entering Space Center Houston for the first time. You could pretend to be an astronaut for the day while looking at cool gravity exhibits, space films, and eating freeze-dried space food. Why can't we be kids forever?!

    7. AstroWorld

    Theme Park Brochures / Via

    AstroWorld was a magical place. No matter how old you were, AstroWorld was a theme park for everyone. It's ingrained in Houston's DNA, and we'll never forget all of those awesome summer days riding the Dungeon Drop. RIP Astroworld.

    8. Chopped and Screwed Music / Via

    Music just sounds better when it's chopped and screwed. It's a Houston treasure.

    9. Breakfast

    Visit Houston Texas / Via, Brooke Viggiano / Via

    Our breakfast game is STRONG. Tacos, Shipley's, kolaches, panaderias, brunch, the list goes on. How is one ever to decide? (pro tip: get them all)

    10. Astrodome

    Focus On Sport / Getty Images / Via

    We'll never forget what the Astrodome gave us, from sports and concerts, to a safe haven for thousands.

    11. Mattress Mack

    Mattress Mack / Via

    Gallery Furniture is the the most well-known furniture store in Houston thanks to Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale's legendary TV commercials. It was hard to watch TV and miss his iconic phrase "Gallery Furniture saves you money!"

    12. Throwback Teams And Logos

    ESPN / Via, DaFont / Via, Aim Collectables / Via, Fans Edge / Via

    We'll never stop representin'. Especially when it's #ThrowbackThursday at the Rockets game!

    13. Selena

    giphy / Via

    Anything for Selenasssss! Our girl. Our rock.

    14. The Weather (aka my hair can't catch a break)

    Karen Saulsbury / Via

    Seriously, have you ever experienced a good hair day that lasted the full day? I didn't think so.

    15. Grocery Stores (well, HEB)

    giphy / Via

    Yes, we love Fiesta and Whole Foods but nothing is better than walking into a busy HEB on Sunday so you can taste all the samples while you shop.

    16. Radio Stations,,

    You could always count on hearing the latest jams in the car on your way to work or school. We know good music in Texas, and Houston is home to a lot of it.

    17. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake at the 2004 Superbowl

    Kmazur / WireImage / Via

    Maybe you forgot this happened in Houston, but yes. Houston is home to one of the most scandalous halftime shows in history. What will this year bring?

    In conclusion...

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