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Tia Mowry Revealed Some BTS Secrets From Her Most Famous Roles, And I'm Fangirling So Hard

'90s babies, this one is for you!

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This is Tia Mowry, half of the iconic '90s twin duo, Tia and Tamera from Sister, Sister. She now has a lifestyle YouTube Channel, a published YA book series, and an upcoming series, Family Reunion, with Netflix.

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Tia stopped by Cocoa Butter this week to discuss her past projects that we all loved so much, and she dropped some fun never-before-heard tea!

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On Sister, Sister:

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Tia Mowry: OK, so what's so interesting about [Sister, Sister] is, you know, on the show, Tamera was the one that was not the brainiac and I was, where, actually, in real life, it's the other way around. So, [Tamera] is the one school was the brainiac – she could just pick up things so easily, where with me, it would take me forever to get the concept.

On Seventeen Again:

BuzzFeed, Showtime

TM: It [was always] really cool to have a built-in scene partner. I remember we said, "To make this scene work, all we have to do is just think about our real life," you know what I mean?...Talk how we would actually talk in real life, [as] if we were talking about certain issues we were going though.

On Twitches:

BuzzFeed, Disney Channel

TM: That was actually the first scene that we shot for Twitches, and I was really nervous... It was cute and adorable and I did eat the entire bowl of that candy.

On The Game:

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TM: So, the slapping... we did that take so many times [that] I actually bought Pooch Hall, who played Derwin a drink. I felt so bad for him 'cause I kept on hitting him in the face, and he was like "Ow, Tia."

How [I emotionally prepared] for this scene was ... [by] listening to the song "Listen" by Beyoncé. All of those emotions in the song was something I could use towards this scene and that's exactly what I did.

What can't Tia do?! Make sure you check out Tia's projects in 2019. Now, excuse me while I binge-watch Sister, Sister.

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