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    I Went To Beyoncé's Formation World Tour And It Changed My Life

    Yeah I know, you've heard how Beyoncé gave life and slayed the stage, and even though she did all of that and more, this is much much deeper than that.

    This past weekend I had the privilege of attending Beyoncé's Formation World Tour in her hometown of Houston, Texas, and it was truly life-changing.

    Chantal Follins / Via BuzzFeed

    Now, I've attended my fair share of Beyoncé concerts as far back as Destiny's Child performing at the Rodeo in the late '90s in my hometown of Houston, Texas. I've seen the evolution of Beyoncé and it has been truly remarkable. But this concert, this one was different. This one stayed with me and drew out emotions I didn't expect to feel.

    The anticipation leading up to a Queen B concert is overwhelming for me.

    Beyonce / Via Instagram: @Beyonce

    Every time Beyoncé announces a tour I go through a series of emotions: panic, disbelief, excitement, and anxiousness. It's not just a concert — it's an experience. What songs will she perform? What amazing costumes will she wear? What new dance moves will I be practicing in the mirror? It's all so overwhelming. Then the day finally comes and I don't know what to do with myself.

    Bey is so free in her own skin and it is absolutely beautiful.

    Chantal Follins / Via BuzzFeed

    Beyoncé exudes confidence and it is so inspiring to see how unapologetic she is. I felt such an appreciation for how she embraces herself and truly loves who she is. As soon as she came out onstage her radiance swept the entire crowd and we all came alive. It was like watching a story unfold on stage. A story of her evolution as an artist and as a woman.

    I gained a sincere appreciation for Beyoncé and her team's work ethic.

    Chantal Follins / Via BuzzFeed

    The amount of detail and attention that went into the production of this tour is unparalleled. The visuals, choreography, costumes, sound mixing, lighting, and vocals were all truly remarkable. She always delivers amazing productions, and each tour brings more than the last. She is arguably the hardest-working entertainer today, and the production of this tour alone shows just that. Just when I think I've worked too hard, I remember that I can always give an extra effort toward my passions and goals.

    Beyoncé made me so proud to be a black girl.

    Jola Ogundiya / Via Jola Ogundiya

    Throughout the concert, I was so moved by the way Beyoncé carried herself and the way she uplifts and celebrates black women. Seeing several of her dancers with afros and cornrows, and so many beautiful black women dancing freely across the stage with their natural hair flowing as they moved. Black women playing instruments and wearing fierce outfits that showed their beautiful figures.

    It was a full-circle moment for me. The first time I ever saw Beyoncé in concert, she had cornrows in her hair and rocked them so effortlessly. I wanted cornrows too, so I tried rocking them as well. My peers didn't embrace my new style, so I wavered and took them down, crushing my self-esteem in the process. But to fast-forward years later and see these magical black girls on stage expressing themselves, it made me so proud to be a black girl — a black girl who is absolutely in love with her natural hair and any style she decides to rock.

    The strength and perseverance Beyoncé possesses made me feel so empowered.

    Chantal Follins / Via BuzzFeed

    I'll admit that I get wrapped up in the superstardom of Beyoncé and I forget that she's a woman navigating this earth the best way she knows how. She loves her family deeply, and she gives her all to everything she does. To watch the magic unfold at her concert in the very city she is from and the city that I was born and raised in was liberating. It was like watching a superhero you've admired your whole life crawl out of a comic book and show you their superpowers. It was the very epitome of black girl magic.

    Beyoncé changed my life, and I'm a better person because of it.

    Jola Ogundiya

    You never know when you'll encounter something that will have a lasting effect on your life. For me, it was seeing Beyoncé go through several songs from different stages of her life and remembering where I was in my own evolution when those particular songs came out. Seeing a black girl from Houston, Texas, the very city I'm from, conquer everything she touches is beyond anything I can explain. From watching her on stage when she was a teenager and seeing her grow into this dynamic woman, it's beyond inspiring. Thank you for reminding me how important self-love and growth is, Beyoncé. How important it is to love yourself and know your worth. Thank you for being my hometown hero. #TexasForever