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14 Quick And Dirty Volumizing Tips For Anyone With Stubborn Straight Hair

LIFT your spirits (and your hair).

1. Use a toothbrush for a simple tease.

2. Use a flat-iron to "curve" the roots away from your scalp for some lift...

n1kk1e / Via

...then gently brush your hair towards your scalp for a quick tease...

n1kk1e / Via

A little hairspray before your tease helps, too.

... and voila, volume!

n1kk1e / Via

3. Make a "fuller" pony tail with a small claw clip.

Byrdie / Via

Spit your ponytail in half and place the clip in the middle, then cover it with the top half of the hair.

4. Apply dry shampoo at night.

Kara Lockwood / Via

5. Or use dry shampoo BEFORE teasing to help soak up excess oil.

Tina Yong / Via

6. Use a detangler brush to create a little ~static~ volume.

Sandra Riley Tang / Via

7. Pull your hair UP while using a flat iron.

Elle Fowler / Via

Move the straightener in an upwards and forward motion.

8. Crimp the roots of your layers UNDER the top layers.

Minimalist Styling / Via

9. Only put conditioner on the bottom 3/4 of your hair.

@tattybee / Via

Avoid your scalp because conditioner could potentially just trap oils there and weigh your hair down more!

10. Zigzag your part to get more volume at the roots.

11. Try a root lifting spray.

Emily Liu / Via

Apply generously to your roots, then continue to scrunch your hair as the product dries.

12. Or use a texturizing spray on the top few layers of your roots.

StyleSuzi / Via

13. Blow dry your hair using a large round brush.

Marianna Hewitt / Via

Repeatedly roll your hair onto the brush while drying to create some dramatic volume.

14. And if you're ABSOLUTELY crunched for time, literally just change your part for some extra lift.

Vivian V / Via

Sometimes a simple flip of the hair does the trick.