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13 Asian Beauty Cheat Sheets You'll Want To Bookmark

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1. Let's start with the basics of eye make-up. If you have monolids, here's an easy how-to for a classic eyeliner look.

2. Shaping eyebrows (especially if yours are sparse or uneven) is an easy way to alter and frame your face. Here's a step-by-step for the classic, straight Korean shape.

3. And here's a more defined look...

4. And a few more that require minimal pencil work.

5. This eyeshadow tutorial was put together with your non-concave eyelids in mind.

6. When you don't have that much eyelid surface area to work with, just a small touch of color can define a look. Try this doe-eyed eyeshadow tutorial.

7. Or this take on the smoky eye.

8. Now bring all those eyeliner + eyeshadow learnings together for this dramatic smoky.

9. Now we all know the fake eyelashes struggle is REAL. Learn to adjust them to fit your eyes.

10. Or just buy the correct eyelash curler in the first place. This chart (adapted from this video) shows that curlers with the least curvature are best at curling short lashes.

11. Matte lips are cool and all, but here's an ombre lip popular among bloggers.

12. You can also use different contouring methods to play with dimension. Here are step-by-step instructions that won't make your cheeks look blotchy and unnaturally chiseled.

13. And when all else fails, try one of these foolproof blush looks.

Now bust out those brushes and own your look!