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Zack is the true villain of Gilmore Girls.

♫ Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight ♫

To be fair, pretty much ANY anime quote is weird out of context.

Classics and new stuff included.

These are seriously nightmare-inducing.

Follow the food.

*finger heart* to every one of these hits.

Power color: The color that manifests good into your life and makes you the most happy.

The best things to eat when you're three soju shots in.

*tries to squish cheeks through screen*

"In 327 issues, over 28 years, there had only been two Asian women on the cover."

Seoul food is the best!

If you're into the idea of plump skin, keep reading.

This meme has been around for years, but it's super popular lately.

Shipped straight to you from the Aloha state.


And here's what it actually feels like when the needles go in.

Warning: lots of gorgeous people and sparkles ahead.

Shop 'til your face looks like glass/honey/a cloudless sky.

What's your favorite nostalgic childhood game?

Take off your damn shoes.

"The basic standards of what an Asian guy looks like probably falls short."

"Me: *breathes* White man: you're so ~exoticccc~?

"For the ancestors!"

"Brian is sweet, has a good heart, real personality and I am a human..."

Because how much do you actually know?

"I guess if I lived in Korea, this is what alternate universe Rachel would look like".

Even better than pancakes and bacon.

“Is he blood type A?"

If someone calls you "exotic" one more time...

Karen Carpenter always seemed to loom large in the Philippines. I never understood why until now.

All hail the bunny queen!

Pores, be gone!

:: bookmarks ::

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these multilingual stars should definitely be on your radar.

You're not alone.

Can i get a ra-men?!

My mom does that too!

More leading roles and less typecasting, please.

From blockbuster directors to ones behind earnest indie dramas, here's a list of famous and not-yet-famous names. It's hardly complete, but it's a place to start if you're interested in Asian-American talent behind the camera.

"It means Warrior."

'Cause my eyes sure do look tired. Of your shit.

Stupidly brilliant.

A hearty beef noodle soup that's *so* worth the wait.

After fleeing Vietnam, my parents turned to food to teach us about what it means to be Vietnamese.

"Forgotten Asian Americans" no longer.

"I heard there is a lot of screaming involved"

"Within the term "Asian" there's so much diversity."

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