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8 Reasons "Kim's Convenience" Makes Me Feel Seen As A Child Of Immigrants

It's an authentic portrayal of the immigrant experience.

I stumbled upon Kim's Convenience just a few months ago while browsing Netflix. Initially, I was worried the show would be ridden with stereotypes.

1. The first and most obvious point of relatability for me was Kim's Convenience, the store.

2. Umma's love language involved Tupperware towers of homemade food. So does my parents'.

3. Like Appa, my dad always goes the price match route when purchasing home appliances.

4. Janet's decision to pursue photography doesn't go over easy in her community. I experienced the same pushback for becoming a writer.

Another mother at Umma's church rudely says Janet is so brave for pursuing photography, but that we need our starving artists.

5. Appa, like my dad, can and will fix everything.

6. The gossipy ladies at Umma's church remind me of the snoopy people in my own community.

7. Umma and Appa's parenting style is somewhere in between PTA mom and tough love, just like my parents'.

Appa tells Janet that her photos are really well done, but that there is still room for improvement

8. Perhaps the most relatable part of Kim's Convenience is its authentic portrayal of an Asian immigrant family.

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