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    18 Korean Foods That Have Been Featured In "Kim's Convenience"

    To eat and drink while watching Season 5.

    With the final season of Kim's Convenience waiting to be devoured on Netflix, here are 18 Korean foods that were mentioned or made an appearance in seasons one through four of the show.

    1. Galbi Jjim

    Umma and Jung serving galbi jjim at the church bazar and smiling as someone receives the galbi jjim.

    2. Kimchee

    3. Gimbap

    spilled gimbap on the floor

    4. Sundubu Jjigae

    woman eats a soft tofu soup

    5. Yogeoteu Drink

    jung asking if "yogeoteu" is just the korean pronunciation of yogurt

    6. Gori Gomtang

    Jung saying "gori gomtang, huh?"

    7. Yakbap

    Janet saying "there's yakbap, too"

    8. Insam Energy Beverage

    Appa is offering a customer Insam Energy Beverage.

    9. Jjajangmyeon

    Jung suggesting a date

    10. Pork Rind Chips

    Janet, Gerald, Appa and Umma are in the store with Appa grabbing hold of the pork rind chips.

    11. Mandu

    Umma and Appa’s chopsticks clash over the last mandu.

    12. Banchan

    Umma, Appa, and Pastor Nina are at the Kims’ dining table about to eat dinner.

    13. Seaweed Side Dish

    Umma is using her chopsticks to pick up a seaweed side dish while talking to Appa at the table.

    14. Poktanju

    Jung and Appa are at a club and about to toast before drinking.

    15. Soju

    The hands of two people holding soju glasses show that they are toasting.

    16. Bin Dae Duk

    17. Kongbiji Jjigae

    Janet sitting at her laptop and telling Umma she is thinking of making Kongbiji Jjigae

    18. Japchae

    Janet holding a cup saying she can't find shiitake mushrooms at the store

    Bonus: Chammo Instant Spicy Ramen Noodles

    Kimchee, Shannon, and Terence are seated at a table at Handy Car Rental. Chammo Instant Spicy Ramen Noodles are in front of Shannon and Terence.