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33 Things Only People Growing Up In Chinese-Canadian Household WIll Understand

*Keeps all packaging just in case*

1. Wearing these slippers in the house was mandatory all year round, so we wouldn't catch a cold.

Yellow slippers in front of the balcony door

2. Our dishwasher was used as a storage rack instead of an actual dishwasher.

#GrowingUpAsian Your family uses the dishwasher as storage

@esafung / Via Twitter: @EsaFung

3. Drinking this when we were sick.

#GrowingUpAsian #GrowingUpChinese "my throat hurts"

@itsannietien / Via Twitter: @itsannietien

Our version of cough syrup definitely does NOT taste like cherries or bananas.

4. Or rubbing this on when we were in pain.

#growingupchinese when you were sick your parents rubbed this on your chest

@juliannuhh / Via Twitter: @juliannuhh

5. T&T was THE place to be on a Sunday morning.

6. Where you'd grab some of these, which were our versions of All Dressed chips or Maynard's.


@magsyu / Via Twitter: @magsyu

So. Good.

7. And this was our candy of choice (wrapper included).

#GrowingUpChinese eating these with their edible wrapper 😍

@firelord246 / Via Twitter: @firelord246

There's just something about the chewy, milky flavour that was just so addicting.

8. Having a diverse friend group because of how multicultural Canada is (and finding out similar things about your backgrounds).

9. There WAS a correct way to eat an apple.


MUST be peeled chopped and served w a lil pick thingy 😌 #fyp #fypシ #xyzbca #chinese #asian #comedy #chinesemom #tsundere mama

♬ original sound - ♡ Gege Jing ♡

Peel (always with a knife, never an actual peeler), and cut into slices!

10. Taking tons of extracurriculars that probably included an instrument, Kumon, or drawing class.

11. There was always a secret menu at Chinese restaurants that wasn't available in English or French (where the really good stuff was listed). Sometimes it was straight-up written on a chalkboard on the wall.

12. Journey to the West was PEAK entertainment.

real ones know this was the original hot priest

@delia_cai / Via Twitter: @delia_cai

The monk was cool, calm, and collected. And there were probably about 5000 film and TV adaptions of the classical Journey To The West story (one of the Four Great Classical Novels of China!).

13. Stephen Chow was our Steven Spielberg.

14. Having to go to Chinese school on Saturdays (and bonus points if you also had to learn French or take French immersion).

#ChineseSchool reminds me of weekend Chinese school, when any mark under 100% was deemed a failure #growingupchinese

@jimjamtam / Via Twitter: @jimjamtam

I did both, and while I hated it at the time, I'm so glad that I did! Learning more languages helped me communicate better with so many people. My only regret was not paying better attention in class.

15. Getting made fun of for your food as a kid... only to see it gentrified as an adult.

16. The holy trinity of condiments was soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil.

17. Wearing red during the holidays meant Chinese New Year, not Christmas or Canada Day. And feeling like a millionaire when we got handed one of these.

#GrowingUpChinese triple checking these to see if you missed any money

@_rachelsue / Via Twitter: @_rachelsue

18. Getting one of these calendars with our groceries around that time of year (bonus points if you remember wearing red socks when it was your zodiac year).

You know it’s the end of the year when your mom gives you calendars from Chinese businesses. She even gave me a mini one too. 👍🏻😂 #asian #growingupasian #newyear

Twitter: @LeannaChanpion

While everyone else celebrates New Year's on January 1st, we wait until late January/early February.

19. The brutal honesty of our well-meaning parents.

Well, they tried!

20. Having this drawer in our kitchen:

@traganhdong / Via Twitter: @tranganhdong

We knew reduce, reuse, recycle before it was popular.

21. If you were lucky enough to have a Chinatown in your city, remembering all the delicious home-y meals.

Explore the origins of #VancouverChinatown, its distinctive hybrid architecture, and some of the myths that surround this historic district. Register for our online course, An Eclectic History of Vancouver's Chinatown, today! #ChinatownHistory

@UBCextended / Via Twitter: @UBCExtended

I personally love getting authentic Rou Jia Mo (Chinese hamburger) or Liang Pi (cold noodles).

22. Memorizing the complicated names for every extended family member.

except i gotta remember these in a seperate dialect 🙃🙃🙃 #growingupchinese

@vaniaalim / Via Twitter: @vaniaalim

23. We didn't waste anything, so food containers became Tupperware.

#GrowingUpAsian finding random foods in random containers 🙃

@aokififreeze / Via Twitter: @aokijifreeze

When we just wanted some cookies but every container was filled with something other than what was on the box.

24. If you're from Toronto, you know Pacific Mall.

Pacific Mall is reopening this week and here's what you need to know #PacificMall #Markham

@blogto / Via Twitter: @blogTO

25. Those long ass flights back to China to visit our extended family (you were lucky if you lived in Vancouver, since it cut the flight time down compared to other regions).

26. The pain and shock of biting into cardamom, star anise, or a big ol' chunk of ginger during a meal.

#GrowingUpAsian The thought of biting into one of these keeps me up at night...

Twitter: @aaasiaan

27. Always being bundled up to face the harsh Canadian winters.

28. If you were born outside of Canada, going by an "English name," so people wouldn't butcher or make fun of your Chinese name.

when u give up ur name for the sake of their palate lol #asian #chinese #cantonese #middlename #chinesename

♬ original sound - Francine Ng

I used to get made fun of for my Chinese name for years and I was really insecure about it to the point where I almost legally changed it at one point. Now, I'm proud of it and the meaning behind it.

29. The awkward conversations with relatives after dinner when it was already the next morning for them.

#GrowingUpAsian *mom on phone with relatives* Mom: “Oh they’re right here” Me: *eyes wide, shakes head* Mom: *glares* 5 secs later

Twitter: @asiangirl101_

30. Having this haircut at some point during our childhood.

31. Having hot water readily available (and drinking primarily hot water because, apparently, it was better for our digestive systems than cold water).

#growingupasian Who doesn't need hot water at all times of the day?

@kyson / Via Twitter: @kyson

32. When we'd tell people we were Canadian but they'd ask this annoying question.

Nationality ≠ ethnicity. And, "what are you?" is even worse — I am... a human being.

33. And finally, realizing in hindsight that even though our parents didn't always show their love in obvious way, they sacrificed a lot and just wanted the best for us.

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