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19 Fun Facts All About Actor Randall Park

Get to know this hilarious actor.

1. To start, Randall Park is probably best known for his roles in WandaVision, Always Be My Maybe, Fresh Off the Boat, and The Interview.

Randall Park in Fresh Off the Boat

2. He's a California native and is based in Los Angeles.

Randall Park at a screening of Straight Up

3. The actor got hitched to Jae Suh Park in August 2009, and they celebrated their 10-year anniversary in 2019.

Jae Suh Park and Randall Park on the red carpet

4. He's the proud father to a daughter named Ruby.

5. One of his first big gigs was on MTV's Wild 'n Out.

Randall Park attending the Build Series

6. Park was once a member of the '90s hip-hop group Ill Again.

Randall Park at the Anaheim Convention Center

7. If you're an Eminem fan, you might have caught him in the music video for "Phenomenal."

Randall Park on the red carpet

8. Randall has been longtime friends with his Always Be My Maybe co-star Ali Wong.

Randall Park and Ali Wong at the premiere of Always Be My Maybe

9. He even co-wrote the screenplay for Always Be My Maybe alongside Ali and Michael Golamco.

Keanu Reeves and Randall Park at the premiere for Always Be My Maybe

10. His parents are originally from Korea.

Randall Park in Fresh Off the Boat

11. During his college days, Randall attended UCLA, where he majored in English and creative writing. He even went on to pursue his master's in Asian American studies.

Randall Park on Young Rock

12. He co-founded UCLA's Asian American theater group called LCC (aka Lapu, the Coyote That Cares).

Randall Park on Fresh Off the Boat

13. Before he answered his onscreen calling, he considered having a career as a professor, a writer, or an architect.

Randall Park in Fresh Off the Boat

14. Randall challenged himself to learn sleight of hand for his role as Agent Jimmy Woo in WandaVision.

Randall Park at the Black Panther premiere

15. He has a director credit under his belt after filming the series finale of Fresh Off the Boat, which debuted in February 2020.

Randall Park in Fresh Off the Boat

16. Randall was already a sitcom fan ahead of his role on WandaVision.

Randall Park promoting WandaVision

17. He's lended his voice talents to animated shows like BoJack Horseman and American Dad!

Randall Park reading a script

18. His best advice for aspiring actors? "Avoid gimmicks."

Randall Park sitting at a dinner table

19. Finally, he is looking to the future for Asian American actors and has said, "There's still so much ground to break."

Randall Park on the set of Fresh Off the Boat

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