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Here's What Your Favorite Disney Villains Would Look Like If They Were In A Korean Drama

Disney characters + traditional Korean fashion = perfection.

Wooh Nayoung is a digital illustrator from South Korea. She is known for drawing fairy-tale characters wearing hanbok, a traditional Korean dress.

Disney's Snow White wearing a Korean hanbok surrounded by forest animals.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

Hanboks can range from simple pieces to elaborate ceremonial pieces. The outfit features a chima (full skirt) paired with a jeogori (short jacket). Nayoung's art blends the elegance of Korean clothing with a modern aesthetic.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, she said that historical Korean dramas have played a huge part in her art.

The seawitch and mermaid from "The Little Mermaid" wearing Korean hanboks
Wooh Nayoung / Via

She fell in love with the beautiful costumes she saw onscreen. This crossover was natural because she's always been a fan of fairy tales and Disney animation.

Recently, she blessed us with illustrations that reimagine Disney characters in hanbok.

"Beauty and the Beast" characters wearing Korean hanboks
Wooh Nayoung / Via

Her art quickly gained popularity and led her to work with brands like Disney, Marvel, and Netflix. Back in 2019, she received an award from South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for her work.

Let's start off with Gaston in all his glory.

Disney's Gaston wearing a traditional Korean outfit with triplets fawning over him in the back
Wooh Nayoung / Via

You can even see the triplets fawning over him in the back, all wearing color-coordinated hanboks.

Ana is seen here wearing a jobawi, a hat traditionally worn in the winter.

Disney's Ana from Frozen wearing a blue fur-trimmed hanbok and jobawi hat
Wooh Nayoung / Via

Even though the top is open, the earflaps protect her ears and cheeks from the wind.

Here's one of the most fashionable Disney villains, Cruella de Vil.

Disney's Cruella de Vil wearing a spotted fur cloak over her red and black hanbok.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

A decorative accessory called norigae is tied to the waist of her skirt.

Get ready to drool over the human version of Scar wearing a heuklip.

Anthropomorphic version of Scar from "The Lion King" wearing a heuklip hat.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

Heuklip (or gat) is a type of Korean hat made out of horsehair with a bamboo base.

This Evil Queen is basically the "mean but beautiful" mother-in-law in all Korean dramas.

Disney's Evil Queen dressed in a purple hanbok holding a pomegranate.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

She's looking super regal with her hwagwan. This elaborate crown is mainly worn by royalty, but commoners were able to wear them at weddings.

Our ice princess, Elsa, is looking stunning in a magical hanbok with delicate snowflake sleeve detail.

Disney's Elsa from Frozen wearing a light blue hanbok with snowflake detail.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

The design of the jeogori is a modern one, since they're usually made out of silk, but sheer summer ones do exist.

She dressed Captain Hook in a men's coat called cheolrik.

Disney's Captain Hook from "Peter Pan" dressed in a Korean men's coat cheolrik.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

His hat is a take on the jeonrip, the official headwear worn by the military.

Maleficent is seen with a gache (wig hairstyle) straight out of the Joseon dynasty.

Disney's Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty" wearing a black soui dress with a raven on her shoulder.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

The Joseon dynasty (also known as the Chosŏn dynasty) extended from 1392 to 1910 and is a popular time period for historical Korean dramas.

Lady Tremaine and her daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, are looking fabulously wicked.

Disney's Lady Tremaine and her daughters from "Cinderella" wearing hanbok
Wooh Nayoung / Via

Young women in Korea tied a daenggi (piece of cloth) at the bottom of their braids. Married women wore updos with a binyeo (hairpin), as Lady Tremaine does here.

While drawing Jafar, Nayoung drew inspiration from prime ministers (Yeonguijeong) from the Joseon dynasty.

Disney's Jafar from "Aladdin" wearing a black and red hanbok holding his gold snake staff.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

It looks like his hat design is loosely based on traditional scholar hats.

Gazelle from Zootopia is looking chic in her jeonmo.

Disney's Gazelle from "Zootopia" wearing a Koeran jeonmo hat.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

Jeonmo has a bamboo frame with paper or cloth stretched over it. It's held in place by strips of fabric tied under the chin.

Mother Gothel is looking fabulous in her red hanbok and matching nails.

Disney's Mother Gothel from "Tangled" wearing a black and red hanbok.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

Her hairstyle is almost a direct copy of this Gim Hong-do painting, which would be achieved by the wearing of a wig.

Nayoung perfectly captured the two sides of Hans from Frozen.

Hans from Disney's "Frozen" wearing Korean nobleman clothing.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

The sangtu-gwan is an ornament worn over a sangtu (topknot) with a binyeo to hold it in place. It was the hairstyle of choice for scholars and nobles.

Here's the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland holding a heart-shaped fan.

Queen of Hearts from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" wearing a black and red hanbok with heart details.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

While this design is pure fantasy, hand fans in Korea were made of hanji (paper made from the bark of a paper mulberry tree).

Ursula is wearing a shell binyeo, an ornamental hairpin that any sea witch would be proud to wear.

Ursula from Disney's "The Little Mermaid" wearing a black dress and shell binyeo.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

In the future, Nayoung wants to continue exploring classic fairy tales, especially ones written by Hans Christian Andersen.

"The Snow Queen" wearing a white hanbok sitting in an ice cave.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

There's a whole list of characters she has yet to get to, but she hopes to continue her Disney series. On her Instagram, she listed some villains that she hasn't drawn yet, including Yzma, Claude Frollo, and Hades.

Her advice for artists looking to improve their art? Work on discovering yourself and searching for your unique style.

Angelina Jolie as Disney's Maleficent dressed in Korean hanbok.
Wooh Nayoung / Via

She says she started her career without a concrete path in sight. After graduating from art school, she worked as a pixel artist for a global gaming company. As the industry changed to favor 3D graphics, she wanted to get into the world of concept art. It wasn't an easy journey. Nayoung frequently worked on discovering herself and finding her originality.

She doesn't put pressure on herself to impart a deep message for every piece of art she creates. Enjoying the process of drawing is just as important.

You can see more of Wooh Nayoung's work on her Instagram and official website. She also posts speed paintings on her YouTube channel!

Emily from Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" wearing a white hanbok
Wooh Nayoung / Via

Even though May is over, you can see how we celebrated APAHM this year. Also follow A*Pop on Instagram.

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