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20 Relatable Anime Screenshots That Describe My Quarantine

A story told in screenshots.

Every morning I tell myself...

And every day I tell myself...

And every night I tell myself:

Clocking in fewer than 12 steps a day makes it harder and harder to move.

So I just eat my feelings...

And surround myself with my favorite things.

Especially anything sweet.

But then I realize I'm out of Girl Scout Cookies...

So I try working out as a distraction, but my body does not like it.

So then I give dating apps a try, but I give up after three minutes of futile swiping.

Honestly, more than emotional intimacy, I just want some dessert...

And that's when I start to get hangry...

I start lashing out at everyone and everything.

My friends and family begin to reach out and voice their concern for me.

But in my time of hanger, I take it poorly...

But thank goodness, I finally manage to put together some sustenance to calm myself down.

Plus, I remember there are some Twinkies in the back of my pantry, and we are good to go!

Next, I apologize to the people I may have offended during my hanger blackout.

The rest of the day? Work eat sleep. Work eat sleep. Work eat sleep. Work eat *search for best eye creams 2020* sleep.

Oh, and I do everything I can to save toilet paper.

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