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17 Colourful Box Braids You Should Definitely Try

Spice up your braids.

1. We all know how stunning box braids are, I mean really freaking stunning.

2. But do you know what makes them better? Some colour.

3. It could be a subtle black/blue colour.

4. Or something real bright and beautiful.

5. A bit of colour just makes braids look so much better.

6. Look how pretty this deep purple colour is.

7. And if that's not your thing, what about a baby pink colour.

8. Or this gorgeous look.

9. And if you want something real striking, how about this storm inspired look.

10. I mean this goddess is matching her hair with her eye shadow.

11. Have you ever seen green hair look this good?

12. Slay us ombre haired queen.

13. The perfect mix and match of colours.

14. This lilac shade is perfection.

15. Just WOW!

16. This is just so beautiful.

17. So now you know, colourful braids are the way forward.