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17 Colourful Box Braids You Should Definitely Try

Spice up your braids.

1. We all know how stunning box braids are, I mean really freaking stunning.

Instagram: @_boxbraids

2. But do you know what makes them better? Some colour.

Instagram: @yinkabokinni

3. It could be a subtle black/blue colour.

Instagram: @piktcha_purfekt

4. Or something real bright and beautiful.

Instagram: @auntyokaaay

5. A bit of colour just makes braids look so much better.

Instagram: @aganga

6. Look how pretty this deep purple colour is.

Instagram: @justineskye

7. And if that's not your thing, what about a baby pink colour.

Instagram: @_

9. And if you want something real striking, how about this storm inspired look.

Instagram: @hairbysusy

10. I mean this goddess is matching her hair with her eye shadow.

Instagram: @glamourqueen89

11. Have you ever seen green hair look this good?

13. The perfect mix and match of colours.

Instagram: @africancreature

14. This lilac shade is perfection.

Instagram: @sophiegrophy_

17. So now you know, colourful braids are the way forward.

Instagram: @bybellabanks
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