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14 Things That'll Make Any Makeup Lover Say "YAS, QUEEN!"

aka, reasons I'll most likely put MUA in my Instagram bio.

1. Getting a perfect winged liner on you FIRST try.

2. Not having to redo your second eye because it's just as FLAWLESS as the first.

Columbia Records / Via

A moment that comes once in a blue moon.

3. Finding the holy grail foundation shade that perfectly matches your neck.

Comedy Central / Via

Once you find it...never let it go...

4. Finally getting around to cleaning all of your brushes and knowing that your makeup is just going to look even better.

5. Finding out that your fave is coming out with a collab line.

CBS / Via

The only struggle is making sure you get it before it sells out!

6. Filling in your eyebrows after you just got them shaped and sitting in awe because nothing will ever be as perfect.

MTV / Via

~ Eyebrows on FLEEK ~

7. Finding a perfect spot for every single item in your makeup collection.

8. Creating a perfect eyeshadow combo and wondering how something could be so beautiful!?

9. Not getting any mascara on your eyelid...or any other part of your face.

Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

God forbid you get it on your perfect eyeshadow combo.

10. When your contour is so good you're actually worried that you might cut someone.

11. Perfecting your makeup routine down to a T.

Logo TV / Via

Looking at your friend like, "hunny, I got this."

12. Highlight that is 500% on point that people will literally mistake you for a shining star.

13. Knowing damn well you look good AF while you're putting on your finishing touches.

Republic / Via

You just know you're gonna break some hearts.

14. The moment when you feel the setting spray mist hit your face knowing that your work is complete and you should be an exhibit at the MoMa.

CBS Television Distribution / Via