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14 Things That'll Make Any Makeup Lover Say "YAS, QUEEN!"

aka, reasons I'll most likely put MUA in my Instagram bio.

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1. Getting a perfect winged liner on you FIRST try.


4. Finally getting around to cleaning all of your brushes and knowing that your makeup is just going to look even better.

Yeah, it's a hassle...but it's worth it!

5. Finding out that your fave is coming out with a collab line.

7. Finding a perfect spot for every single item in your makeup collection.

Pure perfection.

8. Creating a perfect eyeshadow combo and wondering how something could be so beautiful!?

She is beauty, she is grace.

10. When your contour is so good you're actually worried that you might cut someone.


12. Highlight that is 500% on point that people will literally mistake you for a shining star.

You can NEVER put on too much highlight.

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