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I Tried A Bunch Of Vaseline Beauty Hacks And Was Seriously Impressed

My paramour wears a blue plastic cap.

Hey! I'm Crystal, and I've suffered from very sensitive and dry skin my whole life (helllooooo, eczema). But recently I've discovered that Vaseline is GREAT for people with sensitive skin.

So, I looked up a bunch of popular Vaseline ~hacks~ and tried them (so you don't have to). Here's what I found did and didn't work:

1. Using it as a makeup remover.

2. Using it to hide split ends.

3. Using it in place of a highlighter.

4. Using it to make a lip scrub.

5. Using it to give yourself the perfect manicure.

6. Using it to create a cream shadow.

7. Using it to help put in earrings into holes that are (almost) closed.

8. Using it to prevent your nail polish bottle cap from drying shut.

9. And finally, using it to fix scuffed shoes.

Final thoughts:

Of all these hacks, the one I will most likely use again is Vaseline as a makeup remover. I was honestly very surprised at how well it worked! The other hacks I can certainly live without, but it's fun to know so many of them did work. I think they should change their motto to "Vaseline: helping you do all kinds of shit for over 100 years."