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19 Things You'll Understand If You're The Hairiest Woman You Know

There. Is. So. Much. Hair.

1. Some days you'll look in the mirror and you realize you're actually Chewbacca.


Are we human or are we Chewbacca.

2. When you decide to get rid of body hair, it's an all-day event.


"No, I can't hang out — I already told you I'm waxing today."

3. No matter how much hair you get off of you, it grows back almost immediately.

TriStar / Via

Yeah, that shit boomerangs back real quick.

4. So when you decide to go hairless, it's usually for a special occasion.

Twitter: @BennettoEmma

You ain't gonna be spending all that time de-foresting for nothing.

5. Your hair is so coarse that you rarely achieve that "dolphin smooth" feeling.


You can shave, pluck, and Veet all you want but there'll still be stubble.

6. It's such a process, you've honestly just given up on achieving hairless nirvana.


All work is fucking exhausting, tbh.

7. Pants are in heavy rotation in your closet.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

Why shave when you can wear leggings?

8. But then other times you're like, "fuck it," and let the world see.

Show it off!

9. When thick eyebrows came back into style, it was a major coup for you.


Less work for you.

10. (Though your eyebrow hair can get so long that it actually curls under.)

Eyebrow trimming twice a week is par for the course.

11. You find hair everywhere — and probably have strands of it in your buttcrack.

Twitter: @fuckyomeat

You don't know how it go in there but it's the only constant thing in your life.

12. Your facial hair is really something special. If you let it grow out for like, two hours, you can twirl your mustache like an evil villain.


"Mwahaha, my evil power is the ability to have a five o'clock shadow at all times!"

13. And there comes a time where you'll look at your face and see the world's longest chin hair.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

You don't know how it got so long, but it's fucking there.

14. When people complain about getting their eyebrows done, you roll your eyes 'cause they've never had to get rid of hair on their TOES.

This is equal opportunity body hair that will show up ANYWHERE.

15. You go through hair removal products like it's your job.

Twitter: @Niamhywaters

Shaving cream, razors, tweezers, hair removal cream, wax strips, scissors — the list goes on and on and on.

16. And you probably need a second job since it's an expensive habit to keep up.

Twitter: @Mbali_Languza

Going through a bottle of hair removal cream a week can really hit your bank account hard.

17. Your shower drain is a fucking war zone.

It looks like a yeti just molted in your shower.

18. You're very devoted to whatever hair maintenance plan you've chosen, mostly because you've tried EVERYTHING and knows what works best for you.

Hey, stay picky.

19. And no matter what you do with your hair, you know that you rock it 🙌🏽.


If you wanna shave it all off — cool! If you don't — cool!

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