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    18 Steamy AF Stories About Makeup That Stayed On During Crazy-Good Sex

    Get the most bang for your f*ck.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite sex-proof beauty products and dish about how they discovered their magical properties. Here are the NSFW results:

    1. Kylie Lip Kit prolly stays put because you put so much damn effort into putting it on right.

    KYLIE Cosmetics / Via

    "I went over to suck my FWB off. Even after the 30-minute-long blow job that got pretty messy, it was still in place! No need to reapply before I left. No one could tell that I was just sucking the life out of some guy."


    Get it from Kylie Cosmetics from $27-$29. Available in Velvet or Matte in multiple shades.

    2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade to help you avoid that awkward postcoital convo about where the hell your eyebrows went.

    @anastasiabeverlyhills / Via

    "Let me tell y'all. I was getting screwed mercilessly by not one, but TWO guys in a session that lasted a little over three hours, spanning several vehicles and rooms of the house on a steamy 76-degree night. And my eyebrows were STILL on fleek!!! My face was getting shoved into pillows, sofa arms, and body parts, and somehow I made it out alive with both eyebrows still intact. Mind you I hadn't reapplied since the morning and this all went down late at night."


    Get it from Amazon, starting at $23.78. Available in 10 shades.

    3. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara apparently DOES live up to its super cocky name.

    @toofaced / Via

    "My boyfriend and I took a really nice weekend trip to Florida for our anniversary. After a super fancy (and very humid) dinner outdoors, we went back to the hotel room unusually early. Turns out he was planning for us to have sex for HOURS. I first put the mascara on around 2:00 P.M. that day, and it held up through a solid three rounds of rough sex with a lot of kissing and sweating. All my other makeup was ruined, but my lashes still looked BOMB afterwards. This waterproof mascara works wonders."


    Get it at Amazon for $22.

    4. CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara ain't going NOWHERE for no damn pillow.

    Amazon / Getty / Via

    "I'm usually one to take off my makeup before spending the night at my boyfriend's, but this time was different as I was drunk off tequila shooters and was wearing heels the size of his dick. I was facedown moaning into his pillow for probably two hours with this mascara on, and when I sat up to return the favor, not even a nut on the face could make this heavy duty mascara budge. Incredible! The mascara and the sex."


    Get it at Amazon for $5.99. Available in 2 colors.

    5. Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer sounds like it'll complement your O-face glow.

    Amazon / Via

    "I rode that dick all night, and then he fucked my pussy up by eating me out! I had pools of sweat coming off my face, but no makeup!"


    Get it at Amazon starting at $4.94. Available in 3 shades.

    6. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner laughs in the face of foundations that can't take the heat.

    Amazon / Getty Images / Via

    "My first time with my boyfriend was in a car in the middle of the summer, and my eyeliner didn't move at all. It was sweaty AF, so my foundation turned into sweaty beige droplets. But my eyeliner was practically tattooed on my lids. Best eyeliner ever."


    Get it from Amazon for $9.49. Available in 4 colors.

    7. Urban All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to fool anyone into thinking you woke up like this.

    Amazon / Getty / Via

    "This stuff lives up to its name! I had my full beat on during a classic 'Netflix and Chill' situation when things got hot and heavy. I'm super into kissing and making out, so I want a product that stays on my face in the area around my mouth, and, boy, does this stuff do it! It's such an amazing product, easy to blend, and stays on from foreplay to finish. I'd recommend it for any girl looking to get some! BUY. IT. NOW."


    Get it from Amazon for $15.

    8. Eylure Volume Lashes are guaranteed to outlast even you AND your partner.

    @eylureofficial / Via

    "These lasted six hours of drinking on Halloween and many hours of head-banging sex with my ex. I slept with them on and still woke up looking like the Dutchess from American Horror Story. They're easy to put on and look awesome for hours, no matter what you're doing ;-)"


    Get it at Amazon, starting at $7.99.

    9. Model in a Bottle Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer will keep those babies in place during ANY position.

    Amazon / Getty Images / Via

    "Before I used this product, my eyebrows would smudge or straight-up disappear anytime my face was down in the pillow during doggy. Or worse, they'd end up marking his pillow."


    Get it at Amazon for $12.52.

    10. SeneGence LipSense Liquid Lip Color vows not to kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off.

    Amazon / Via

    "The lipstick stayed on for—I SHIT YOU NOT—21 hours before it started flaking off. In that time, I had several meals, vigorous sex, a shower, a whole night's sleep, and a morning blow job. If for nothing else, it's worth having a few of these for date nights! I usually hate having to buy things from a consultant, but holy shit I am now a LipSense evangelist."


    Get it at Amazon for $34.

    11. Benefit They're Real! Lengthening Mascara makes your lashes look and last really, really long.

    @benefitcosmetics / Via

    "Stays on through every blow job, at least well enough that I don't have to stress after."


    Get it at Amazon for $29.90. Available in 3 shades.

    12. Lime Crime lipstick helps you get the job done without a trace.

    Amazon / Via

    "Lime Crime lipstick lasts through EVERYTHING, from the hottest makeout sessions to oral. AND it doesn't leave a mark on the skin!"


    Get it at Amazon, starting at $18. Available in multiple shades.

    13. Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil Easy Shape & Fill doesn't seem to mind a good old-fashioned facial.

    @benefitcosmetics / Via

    "My man licked all over my face and came on it and my brows didn't even smudge."


    Get it at Amazon for $22.86. Available in multiple shades.

    14. Rimmel London Provocalips 16hr Kissproof Lipstick will perfectly fit into your party animal lifestyle.

    Amazon / Getty Images / Via

    "Made it through a whole night of drinking, blow jobs, sex, and sleep! No reapplying necessary."


    Get it at Amazon for $5.24. Available in 11 shades.

    15. Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer is stubborn AF, in a good way. / Via

    "This will keep ANYTHING glued to your face anytime and anyplace: sex, hot, sweaty nightclubs, rain, etc. Not to mention, it's cheaper than some of the more popular finishing sprays."


    Get it at Amazon for $17.44.

    16. E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum for when you're really feeling yourself. Or someone else.

    Elf Cosmetics / Getty Images / Via

    "When things get intense and sweaty, this foundation stays put and leaves your complexion flawless time and time again. This stuff is great for keeping you flawless while you're feeling flawless, if you catch my drift."


    Get it at Amazon for $7.12. Available in 3 shades.

    17. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel will ride with you until the wheels fall off.

    Amazon / Via

    "This gel is like cement and has been way more reliable than any man it's seen me have sex with. These help me look good and avoid leaving a big makeup stain on the sheets."


    Get it at Amazon for $27.93. Available in 7 shades.

    18. NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder won't betray your midday BDSM proclivities.

    Amazon / Via

    "I try to keep my base as light as possible and then set it with the NYX Translucent Setting Powder. That stuff keeps my face on, even through rough sex in the humid summer."


    Get it at Amazon for $7.12.

    Now go forth and get busy!!!

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