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20 Twist Out Fails That'll Make Every Natural Go "Me"

"NAH." — your hair.

A twist-out is a hairstyle that's created exactly like it sounds: By untwisting one's previously twisted hair to create a head full of defined luscious curls.

1. But sometimes reality trumps your expectations and you're left with what the Gram is calling a #twistoutfail.

2. Like this twist-out that decided to act all brand new in front of company.

3. Or this twist-out, which has brought shame upon all its twist-out ancestors.

4. This turquoise twist-out doesn't look like it's seen a twist in its whole entire life.

5. While this twist-out took the whole defined curls thing a little too literally.

6. This twist-out said, "NAH."

7. And this one is actually just an Afro that tried it and got caught.

8. This troublesome T.O. did not come here to make friends.

9. This one knows it done f*cked up, but is too proud to say so.

10. As does this one.

11. This extensively prepped twist-out didn't want to play nice, so up in a high ponytail puff it went.

12. This twist-out promptly got snatched into a scarf.

13. While this delinquent twist-out was sentenced to a slicked-down low bun.

14. This one engaged in a battle with its arch-nemesis moisture... and lost.

15. This twist-out forced its wearer to make a public plea for help.

16. This poor untwisting simply gave up on itself.

17. Not unlike this twist-out, which really did try to make a sincere effort.

18. We were really rooting for this twist-out!

19. Tbh, going natural is as much about the journey as it is the #hairgoals destination.

20. So go forth, twist out, and remember that a selfie filter is only a few finger-swipes away :)