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Nappy Is Simply A Hair Texture, Not An Insult

Stay woke.

The word nappy is often used as a diss to mock people of color, usually women, whose hair is coarse in texture versus hair that is sleek and more reflective of Western beauty standards.

But little do the haters know, nappy isn't a diss. It's a texture, and it's actually quite the compliment.

Because how could anything THIS lush and glorious ever be anything but good?!

Nappy hair is unaltered and free.

And there's literally nothing more beautiful or powerful than freedom.

Like, GET 👏 IN 👏 TO 👏 HER 👏 'FRO 👏

Nappy hair is perfect as is and doesn't need to fit into a box.

Every kink and coil does its own thing and goes its own way.

They can be rocked neatly tapered...

...pulled back in a band...

...or big and bold, standing tall in every direction.

There are no limits to what nappy hair can do, TBH.

To rock hair so tightly wound and coiled is to celebrate one's blackness.

The same blackness that inspires the beauty industry, even if it's not always given its due credit or pay.

Like that time a magazine was "inspired" by Afros and tried to create one on a white model.

And that time a designer was "inspired" by locs and sent a whole bunch of white men down the runway trying to pull off the syle.

If nappy hair is so bad and undesirable, why is everybody going to such desperate measures to get it?

Why are people proudly posting their naps with hashtags like #nappyroots, #nappyhead, and #happytobenappy???

Waiting on the answers like:

Nappy hair is glorious...


...and sexy as FUHHHHHH!

So to call someone's hair nappy as an insult literally makes no sense.