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17 Bald Guys Who Are Way Too Hot To Handle

Bald babes 4 life.

1. Adrián told me how much he loves spending time with you.

adrianoteromp / Via

2. Ali thinks you're funniest person he's ever met.

rashid_ali94 / Via

3. Stieven wants to see the world with you.

sterrenberg1988 / Via

4. Justin will give you the shirt right off his back.

justinjasper22 / Via

5. Tim tells everyone that you're the hottest person he's ever met.

timhow1 / Via

6. Jaysus wants to cook you your favorite meal.

jaysusofficial / Via

7. Múcio thinks you should order EVERYTHING on the menu.

muciofaria / Via

8. Collin loves the way you dress.

collinlhoward / Via

9. Darrell enjoys looking deep into your eyes.

dtjoe3 / Via

10. Blakely can't stop talking about how smart you are.

btfwtf / Via

11. Dion wants to watch Netflix with you all weekend long.

dion_hightower_jr / Via

12. Jeff has an entire romantic weekend planned out for you.

13. Donn wants to hear every word you have to say.

donnoandasan / Via

14. Matthias will let you stroke his beard (if you're nice).

beard_instructor / Via Instagram: @beard_instructor

15. Manu has breakfast in bed all planned out for you.

md_10001 / Via Instagram: @md_10001

16. James gets butterflies in his stomach every time he's around you.

jimdabob2011 / Via

17. And finally, The Rock would like to remind you one last time that bald men are incredibly sexy.

therock / Via

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