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7 Skin Care Secrets Asian Moms Would Like To Share With The World

Pores, be gone!

1. If you have the time and energy to do just one thing every day: Wash 💦 off 💦 your 💦 makeup.

2. Whatever the weather — and even if you're planning on seeing the light of day for one minute walking from your car to your office — put on a layer of sunscreen.

3. Start using eye cream as early as you can afford it.

4. Make every night a spa night with sheet masks.

5. Get your face extra soft with a drop of serum every day.

6. Go HAM on the night cream.

7. And if you've followed all these steps, and still aren't satisfied with the results, follow the ultimate mom-ism: DRINK MORE WATER!

💎 GLOW! 💎