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17 Reasons Women Wear Weave That Have Nothing To Do With Insecurity

PSA: Women want to look good for ourselves, not men.

1. Maybe we just want to give our real hair a break.

@tlp_haircare / twitter / Via Twitter: @tlp_haircare

2. Or maybe we're transitioning from relaxed to natural.

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3. Maybe we're suffering from hair loss.

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4. Or kicking cancer's ass.

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5. Ever thought that maybe wearing weave is allowing our hair to grow?

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6. Because it's definitely easier to manage sometimes.

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7. Or how about the fact that every girl loves versatility every once in a while.

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8. Maybe we want to experiment with a new look.

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9. Or even better, a new color.

@Kyliejenner / Via

10. Perhaps we want to try out a length change.

11. Or sometimes even a texture change.

12. Often we aren't sure if we want to cut our hair that short.

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13. And other times, we just don't want to commit to a style.

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14. It could be that we want thicker hair.

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15. Or to save time when getting ready.

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16. And we can't forget about how it saves us from heat damage.

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17. But regardless of what our reason is, it's our head, and we can do as we please with it.

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*flips weave*