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17 Reasons Women Wear Weave That Have Nothing To Do With Insecurity

PSA: Women want to look good for ourselves, not men.

1. Maybe we just want to give our real hair a break.

2. Or maybe we're transitioning from relaxed to natural.

3. Maybe we're suffering from hair loss.

4. Or kicking cancer's ass.

5. Ever thought that maybe wearing weave is allowing our hair to grow?

6. Because it's definitely easier to manage sometimes.

7. Or how about the fact that every girl loves versatility every once in a while.

8. Maybe we want to experiment with a new look.

9. Or even better, a new color.

10. Perhaps we want to try out a length change.

11. Or sometimes even a texture change.

12. Often we aren't sure if we want to cut our hair that short.

13. And other times, we just don't want to commit to a style.

14. It could be that we want thicker hair.

15. Or to save time when getting ready.

16. And we can't forget about how it saves us from heat damage.

17. But regardless of what our reason is, it's our head, and we can do as we please with it.

*flips weave*