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17 Transformations That Prove You Too Can Get Better At Makeup Even If You Suck At It

The glow-up is very real.

1. This unbelievable metamorphosis, which should seriously be in the dictionary next to the phrase "glow up."

@morphinelovemua / Via

Michael of Miami writes: "There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Taking it back to the first time I ever wore makeup compared to now. Almost a 3 year difference... Practice will always make perfect."

Instagram: @morphinelovemua

2. This definition of va-va-VOOM IRL.

@voodoobarbiedoll / Via

Sydney Nicole of Denver: "Sometimes I look at older pictures of myself and I just think '... Wtf' ... Left picture was me about 4 years ago. The right is me recently... Practice, dedication, and determination is all ya need."

Instagram: @voodoobarbiedoll

3. This soft and lovely use of purple.

@irychaisson / Via

Irian Chaisson: "boy... #makeupglowup"

Instagram: @irychaisson

4. This perfect example of less being so much more.

@claudia_mua_skincare / Via

Claudia of Jamaica: "Tbf 2014 my makeup was the hottest thing and guess what 2017 it's still the hottest thing. It's called CONFIDENCE, PERSISTENCE, RESILIENCE most of all it's called GROWTH. Don't give up on your passion, even when you feel like doing so."

Instagram: @claudia_mua_skincare

5. Another perfect example.

@kay_ariane / Via

Kay Ariane: "#JesusFixedIt everytime I see a pic of me with makeup on from more than a year ago I cringe. I just don't understand what the hell I was thinking! Y'all see them drawn on eye brows? The shadow is just packed on & unblended. I can't. Facebook need to stop sharing old memories bc that shit ain't even fair!"

Instagram: @kay_ariane

6. This absolutely flawless face.

@kortneymacaela / Via

Kortney Hargrove: "Going through @mannymua733 feed and saw a #glowup post. This was around the end of 2014, lest we forget. PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS. Just soak this lil gem up. Take in that awful #cutcrease and #wingedliner #mannyacs also these looks on the right were very @ourfazinali inspired."

Instagram: @kortneymacaela

7. This masterful improvement.

@FabyRucheesz / Via Twitter: @FabyRucheesz

Fabby Leon of Fairfield, California: "Started from the bottom now we here."

Twitter: @FabyRucheesz

8. This vibrant beat that shows the power of blending.

@msbyfrankie / Via

Frankie of Houston: "Growth .. I never did actual makeup until 6mos before the left pic so that is baby new lolol. Camera phones got better too, this #galaxys6 is the business."

Instagram: @msbyfrankie

9. This super sophisticated slaying.

@beautylover87 / Via

Monique Bustos: "Wow!!!! What a huge difference!!!! Like I've said this before practice doesn't make you perfect practice makes you better day by day..."

Instagram: @beautylover87

10. This proof that good brows are a game-changer.

@nancimua / Via Instagram: @nancimua

Nanci Trochez of Texas: "Miracles can take years but they do happen."

Instagram: @nancimua

11. This incredible 180-degree turn.

@shelbys_looks / Via

Shelby: "5 years ago vs now WOW. All I have to say is good thing I figured out how to do a wing, because hook wings aren't exactly that cute and I'm pretty sure my eyebrows were shaved off. So that's cool."

Instagram: @shelbys_looks

12. This mastering of complex color pairing.

@riddl3zluvzmakeup / Via Instagram: @riddl3zluvzmakeup

Danielle of Kansas: "just appreciating how far I have come, And cringing for sure! Lol"

Instagram: @riddl3zluvzmakeup

13. This beyond sickening vampy ~lewk~.

@noturhyna / Via Instagram: @noturhyna

Yvonne: "GLOW UP AF Can't believe how much better I have gotten at makeup these two pictures are almost three years apart! but do y'all see those eyebrows idk what made me think it was okay to leave the house with them looking like that omg ew."

Instagram: @noturhyna

14. This graduation from a cute sugar skull to a sexy AF skull.

@shelbygsmithh / Via

Shelby Smith of Alabama and Florida: "L... O... L... I wonder where I'll be at this time next year..."

Instagram: @shelbygsmithh

15. This radiant come-up, which basically took the phrase "glow-up" in its most literal sense.

@ranviermua / Via Twitter: @ranviermua

Ranvier Villamil of Chicago: "Thank you @patrickstarrr for making this year the most memorable year. I'm finally opening up my creativity and enhancing new beginnings."

Twitter: @ranviermua

16. This impressive instance of "I made the cat eye my bitch."

@nessadawnemua / Via Instagram: @nessadawnemua

Vanessa: "Can we just talk about this for a minute #thankthemakeupgods #glowup"

Instagram: @nessadawnemua

17. This "new makeup skills, who dis?!" lewk:

@rosevegabeauty / Via Instagram: @rosevegabeauty

Rose Vega: The Glow Up is Real... I just wanted to post mine because I want to show you all that I started not knowing many things and that my makeup skills were not always good lol...

"I practiced and practiced and I'm still practicing to become better everyday!! Point of this is that if you have determination and you love what you do there is no one who can stop you and your dreams. I believe in you."

Instagram: @Rosevegabeauty