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17 Transformations That Prove You Too Can Get Better At Makeup Even If You Suck At It

The glow-up is very real.

1. This unbelievable metamorphosis, which should seriously be in the dictionary next to the phrase "glow up."

2. This definition of va-va-VOOM IRL.

3. This soft and lovely use of purple.

4. This perfect example of less being so much more.

5. Another perfect example.

6. This absolutely flawless face.

7. This masterful improvement.

8. This vibrant beat that shows the power of blending.

9. This super sophisticated slaying.

10. This proof that good brows are a game-changer.

11. This incredible 180-degree turn.

12. This mastering of complex color pairing.

13. This beyond sickening vampy ~lewk~.

14. This graduation from a cute sugar skull to a sexy AF skull.

15. This radiant come-up, which basically took the phrase "glow-up" in its most literal sense.

16. This impressive instance of "I made the cat eye my bitch."

17. This "new makeup skills, who dis?!" lewk: