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27 Memes That Will Make Every Hairstylist Actually LOL

"Should I pee before I put on her color or put on her color and then pee?"

1. When your clients have figured out the one true way to your heart.

2. Because you've got a Keurig where your heart used to be.

3. When you're forced to make the tough decisions.

4. Like whether or not you really want to go to jail.

5. Luckily, you've become a master of self-control.

6. You've perfected a mean poker face.

7. Which really comes in handy for times like this.

8. And this.

9. Annnnd this.

10. This too.

11. But then again, nobody's perfect.

12. So that's when your expert ghosting skills come into play.

13. Or your listening skills.

14. And then there's the shampoo bowl.

15. That's usually where things get real.

16. Real awkward.

17. ~Whistles a super casual tune~

18. Oh yeah and TGIF??? More like GTFOH!!!

19. Everyone knows a hairstylist's weekend starts on Saturday night.

20. Right after you've recovered from the week, of course.

21. Tbh, you're still probably thinking about hair even on your off days.

22. You may even (~GASP~) do your own hair.

23. But you'll probably just get someone else to do it.

24. When Tuesday rolls around, you're back at it again.

25. Suited up and ready for battle.

26. Because hairstyling ain't easy.

27. But you wouldn't have it any other way.