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27 Memes That Will Make Every Hairstylist Actually LOL

"Should I pee before I put on her color or put on her color and then pee?"

1. When your clients have figured out the one true way to your heart.

2. Because you've got a Keurig where your heart used to be.

3. When you're forced to make the tough decisions.

@behindthechair_ / Via Twitter: @behindthechair_

4. Like whether or not you really want to go to jail.

@so_tressed_out / Via

5. Luckily, you've become a master of self-control.

@julieacosta_rch / Via

6. You've perfected a mean poker face.

@hothairbydenise / Via

7. Which really comes in handy for times like this.

@hairmagindia / Via

8. And this.

@belidoll / Via

9. Annnnd this.

@leo_poshhairsalonnyc / Via

10. This too.

@thebarberpost / Via

11. But then again, nobody's perfect.

@belidoll / Via

12. So that's when your expert ghosting skills come into play.

@belidoll / Via

13. Or your listening skills.

@styledbymaria / Via

14. And then there's the shampoo bowl.

@morethanawink / Via

15. That's usually where things get real.

@hairandallthatjazz / Via

16. Real awkward.

http://@bianka.luna / Via

17. ~Whistles a super casual tune~

@hair_aficionado / Via

18. Oh yeah and TGIF??? More like GTFOH!!!

@_twanna_s / Via

19. Everyone knows a hairstylist's weekend starts on Saturday night.

@belidoll / Via

20. Right after you've recovered from the week, of course.

@jessanne7586 / Via

21. Tbh, you're still probably thinking about hair even on your off days.

@hairbysamanthamonroe / Via

22. You may even (~GASP~) do your own hair.

@cindylou_thestylist / Via

23. But you'll probably just get someone else to do it.


24. When Tuesday rolls around, you're back at it again.

@headlinershairandnailsalon / Via

25. Suited up and ready for battle.

26. Because hairstyling ain't easy.

@theseninjasbestuntin / Via

27. But you wouldn't have it any other way.

@britdunnell / Via