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24 Memes That Are Way Too Real For Every Barber

"There's low fade, mid fade, hi fade, taper fade..."

1. When you gotta fake it 'til you make it.

2. When you know the true meaning of hat hair.

3. When you swear this is the last kids cut you're doing ever again.

4. No. More.

5. When your client got jokes.

6. When the barbershop brotherhood is too real.

7. When every client brings that same picture.

8. When you gotta keep it cool so the client doesn't get shook.

9. When your client knows the universal barber body language for ~DAMNNN~!

10. When you spot that client who's been stepping out on you.

11. When they must not know who they're talking to.

12. When you hit 'em with the "I DOES THIS MAAAN" face.

13. When only another barber can truly understand your struggles.

14. When you remind yourself of the end game.

15. When the client knows his cut 'bout to be too lit.

16. When you got that bobble head client.

17. Or when you got that wood neck client.

18. When your girl friends translate what those most requested looks really mean.

19. When the clients think you're some kind of magician.

20. Or wizard.

21. When it's Saturday afternoon and every dude's trying to get right for the club.

22. When you realize just how intimate your profession really is.

23. When you're geeking out with your barber bros over tricks of the trade.

24. When you're trying hard as hell not to be petty.