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This Is The Insane British Prime Minister-In-Waiting Hair Conspiracy Shitshow Explained For Americans

In which Britain gains a whole load of new conscripts for the culture war, and they’re all packing extremely hot takes.

“U Stay Strong”: Texts Reveal The Close Contact Between Sean Hannity And Former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort

Manafort and Hannity vented about Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, and the deep state in newly released texts.

Trump’s Judicial Nominees Are Finally Saying Brown V. Board Of Education Was Right After At Least One Republican Senator Complained

Staff for Republican Sen. Tim Scott complained to Senate leadership about judicial nominees' refusal to say Brown v. Board of Education was rightly decided, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Hope Hicks Refused To Talk About Her Time At The White House During A Judiciary Committee Hearing

It’s unclear if the committee will vote to hold Hicks in contempt.

Donald Trump’s Reelection Campaign Is In A 2016 Time Loop

Donald Trump officially began his 2020 campaign, unsure of whether to keep America great or make America great again.

LGBT Protesters Call Trump’s Orlando 2020 Launch A “Slap In The Face” After The Pulse Shooting Anniversary

“We just had our anniversary, we just had a memorial mourning the fact that we lost all those lives,” said an anti-Trump protester near where the president officially launched his reelection.

Donald Trump Refused To Apologize To The Exonerated Central Park Five: "There Are People On Both Sides Of That"

Full-page ads Trump ran in 1989 advocated for bringing the death penalty back to "punish" the teen suspects, who were eventually exonerated.

Rep. Katie Porter, Who Flipped A Seat In A GOP Stronghold, Is Calling For An Impeachment Inquiry

“I cannot with a clean conscience ignore my duty to defend the Constitution," Porter said in a video posted to Twitter.

Australia's Account Of The London Meeting That Led To The Trump–Russia Investigation Will Remain Secret

In a five-page decision following an appeal from BuzzFeed News, Australia's Information Commissioner said publishing a key diplomatic cable would put the relationship between Australia and the United States at risk.

Kevin Bacon Blasted President Trump For His "Despicable" Environmental Policies

"I think it's astounding how far we've gone backwards since he's been president in terms of environmental law."

A Federal Watchdog Says Kellyanne Conway Broke The Law And Should Be Fired

The Office of Special Counsel found that Conway had repeatedly violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits officials from using their position to engage in political activity.

The Trump Administration Admits It's Denying Housing Loans To DACA Recipients

Secretary Ben Carson denied in congressional testimony earlier this year that the Department of Housing and Urban Development was denying federally backed loans to certain immigrants.

Sajid Javid Says Number 10 Refused To Let Him Attend The Trump State Banquet

The home secretary — who has previously criticised the US president — said the snub was "odd" as it emerged that his predecessor Amber Rudd was invited to past state banquets.

House Democrats Are “Not Even Close” To Having Majority Support For Impeachment, Nancy Pelosi Said

But the House speaker added that impeaching President Donald Trump isn’t “off the table.”

“Younger” Star Nico Tortorella Said They're Glad Donald Trump’s Pride Tweet Started A Conversation About His Anti-LGBT Policies

“We also have to remember that he’s just the face of something that is so much larger that exists in this country,” Tortorella said.

Listen To The Voicemail Trump’s Lawyer Left For Michael Flynn’s Lawyer After Flynn Cut A Deal

Donald Trump's lawyer at the time, John Dowd, asked Flynn's lawyer to "remember what we've always said about the president and his feelings toward Flynn."

California’s Early 2020 Primary Is Pushing Presidential Candidates To Talk To Latino Voters

“Moving the primary up early to March is forcing candidates, as it should be, to not just engage the very elite and wealthy of California but everyday working families.”

The Justice Department Has Clarified Why It Redacted The Mueller Report

The US government pushed back on a lawsuit by BuzzFeed News that seeks the Mueller report in its entirety.

These Photos Show How Londoners Protested Trump's State Visit To The UK

Thousands gathered in central London on Tuesday to protest Donald Trump's presidency and his state visit to the United Kingdom. These pictures show how they raised their voices against Trump's policies and rhetoric.

Trump Has Revealed That Jeremy Corbyn Offered A Meeting And He Said No

The US president claimed the leader of the Labour party was a "negative force".

A Judge Ruled House Democrats Can't Sue Trump Over His Plan To Pay For The Border Wall

"The Court declines to take sides in this fight between the House and the President."

Kirsten Gillibrand Said Fox News “Has To Be Responsible For Truth And Fact” After Her Viral Moment

“We can lift up our base, the people who want desperately to be heard in this election, but we can also reach across the aisle and find red and purple voters who desperately want to be heard too,” Kirsten Gillibrand told BuzzFeed News.

On Day One Of US President Donald Trump's Visit To The UK, Here Are The Very British Ways He's Been Welcomed

A dick in a field, a baby on a cliff, and some nasty projections. A very warm British welcome.

Activists Are Rallying Support From Across The Country To Protest Against Donald Trump's State Visit

Anti-Trump campaigners fear that Brits are distracted by Brexit, but are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that thousands turn out to protest against the president.

Meghan Markle Called Trump A Misogynist In 2016 And Now He Called Her "Nasty"

The duchess and the president will not be meeting during Trump's UK visit next week.

Here's What Mueller Meant When He Said He Couldn't Decide If Trump Committed A Crime

Mueller said Wednesday that his office did not make a determination "one way or the other" about whether Trump committed a crime because charging him wouldn't be an option.

In His First Public Statement, Mueller Said, Once Again, He Didn’t Clear Trump

Robert Mueller, who was in charge of the independent investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, announced he’s stepping down Wednesday. He stayed on after submitting his final report in March to wind down his office.

Trump Tried To Let Health Care Providers Refuse To Provide Transgender Care And Abortions — Now He’s Getting Sued

Health care groups are suing the Trump administration arguing that the rule could create a “chilling effect” that would greatly decrease access to abortion and sex reassignment care.

Facebook Said It Won’t Take Down A Doctored Video Of Nancy Pelosi That It Knows Is Fake

The video makes the House speaker appear to slur her words.

Trump Is Gutting Health Care Protections For Transgender People And Those Who Have Had Abortions

A draft rule released Friday would undo nondiscrimination protections in health care for those who have had abortions as well as transgender people.

Congress Reached A $19.1 Billion Disaster Aid Deal After Trump Caved On Border Funding

The deal includes close to $1 billion in funding for Puerto Rico that Trump had objected to. The Senate passed the bill Thursday and Trump is expected to sign it by the end of the week.

The Only Latino Running For President Thinks Democrats' "Electability" Fight Is Missing The Point

“The worst thing we can do is to make assumptions or use some cookie-cutter formula about who ought to be the nominee of the party,” Julián Castro told BuzzFeed News.

The Justice Department Argues That Congress Can't Sue The Trump Administration At All

A federal judge in Washington, DC, heard arguments Thursday in House Democrats' lawsuit challenging Trump's plan to reprogram billions in federal funds to build a border wall.

Trump Lost Again Trying To Stop Democrats From Getting His Financial Records

A federal judge in Manhattan on Wednesday denied Trump's request for an injunction blocking House subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One.

Unsealed Documents Show Mueller Knew Trump Was Writing Secret Checks To Michael Cohen In 2017

A federal judge in Washington, DC, unsealed search warrant applications that the special counsel’s office filed in 2017 for Cohen’s email accounts.

Now Trump Wants To Allow Anti-Transgender Discrimination In Homeless Shelters

Critics warn the draft rule announced Wednesday would put transgender people at risk of abuse.

States Are Fighting Back Against Trump’s New Anti-Abortion, Anti-Trans “Conscience” Rule

The Trump administration plans to “defend the rule vigorously.”

Joe Biden’s Campaign Is Fixated On Donald Trump — And Biden’s Supporters Want It That Way

Joe Biden’s official campaign kickoff was a plea for unity against the president, with more of an eye on November 2020 than on next year’s primaries.

They Live Here Legally, But The Trump Administration Won’t Give Them Housing Loans

The government is denying federal housing loans to young immigrants with DACA status, even after Ben Carson said it wasn’t happening.

The President Of France Has Given Up On Trying To Agree With Donald Trump

Can’t rip up a G7 agreement if one doesn’t exist. *taps head*

An Anti-Trump Republican Is Backing Out Of His Contract To Lobby Against New Sanctions On Russia After Scrutiny

“Now, I've got to get back to the barricades,” John Weaver tweeted Thursday. “Apologies for the momentary distraction.”

An Anti-Trump Republican Strategist Is Now Lobbying Against Sanctions On Russia

John Weaver, who advises possible Trump primary challenger John Kasich, confirmed that he is working with a state-owned nuclear energy company.

The Political Fights Over Anti-Semitism And Rashida Tlaib Are Pushing Muslim And Jewish Voices Aside

The storm over Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s latest comments highlights how willing operators of American politics in 2019 are to leave out the actual perspectives of people involved.

All Of These New Anti-Abortion Laws Are Part Of A National Effort To Overturn Roe V. Wade

Anti-abortion activists have been pushing these restrictive state laws for years in a concerted, national effort to get the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Stop Talking About Coups!

Somehow a segment of the population has chosen not to dismiss Trump's coup stuff out of hand, and instead push it as a realistic possibility to worry about.

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