People Revealed How They Will React If Biden Or Trump Was Reelected President Again, And It Got Some Very Real Answers

    If there is one topic everyone is going to be talking about this year, it's the election.

    We all know that 2024 is an election year in the US, and it’s got a lot of people stressed out. So, over 20k people shared on Reddit how they’d personally feel about Biden winning and the possible different turnouts. Here are some of the top, best, and most-often-repeated comments:

    "Election 2024"

    1. "Be happy I get four more years of not needing to care who the undersecretary of transportation is."


    "Thank you. I prefer politics to be boring and not dramatic."


    2. "Relieved that Project 2025 gets pushed down before sighing and going back to work."


    "Project 2029 enters the chat."


    3. "As an outsider I'll be rather happy. Hearing about American BS every other day was so f'ing draining."


    "As an American, we approve of this message. Please give me four years of quiet."


    A man in a suit screaming with a red X over him

    4. "Relieved it’s not Trump and still pissed that our lives are in the hands of geriatric rich people."


    5. "Hope that the planet makes better use of the four years of bought time than the last four. Then get depressed as hell because, of course, they won't, it's all about kicking the can down the road rather than actually making hard calls to fix anything."


    "The biggest investment in clean energy in human history with the inflation reduction act was a good start at least."


    6. "I'm going to let out the biggest and longest sigh of relief of my life before continuing on with my normal life."


    "It's absolutely wild that anyone could be like, 'They're both the same' at this point. It's like that Simpsons meme with the river with a fork in it; one side dark and cloudy and foreboding, and one with rainbows and sunshine. Like, we are literally staring down the end of democracy in America and people are like, 'Ehhhhh...but Biden is boring.'"


    Screenshots from "The Simpsons"

    7. "As a moderate conservative in America, I will not vote for Trump. Between the two, it rolls heavily against Trump. That said, if almost anyone else were the candidate, I would vote for them over Biden."


    8. "This thread gives me hope that idiots will not prevail in 2024. Biden, while far from perfect, at least ensures we retain some rights, a smidge of democracy, and allows Gen Z to come tear some shit up in 2028."


    "Gen Z is more than ready to tear shit up as we prepare (for the second time in our very short lives) for the 'most important election' of our lifetime. I am tired of people 4x my age making the rules for me."


    9. "I’m whatever on his policies, it’s just been really nice not having our leadership be The Jerry Springer Show 24/7, and I wouldn’t mind that continuing."


    "I'm so relieved that Biden has no need to be on TV every day."


    Screenshot from "The Jerry Springer Snow"

    10. "I'd be thrilled. Concerned about his health, but he is in better health, especially mental health, than his opponent. As far as I'm concerned, he's doing a great job, and I'd like to see more of it. He sucks at marketing his achievements, as he did while VP. We knew that."


    11. "While I don't agree with everything Biden does, I'm thankful that I don't wake up every morning and think, I wonder what dog whistle our psychopath of a president tweeted last night."


    12. "I'd have a little bit more faith in America again. I don't know how a guy who's been facing 91 charges, tried to do a coup to overthrow the government, and a trillion other shit things he's done, would be even in the contest anymore. I mean, if you don't like America and want it to burn, sure. But otherwise, no clue what people are thinking to support him."


    "That’s what’s so weird. The people who follow him who claim to love America so much sure seem to want absolute chaos in it."


    13. "I don't care if my next door neighbor wins. ANYONE but Trump."


    "I would vote for a Golden Retriever over Trump, and I’m not even kidding."


    Closeup of a Golden Retriever

    14. "He certainly wasn't my first choice, but having any administration that isn't actively sabotaging our relationships with democratic countries is definitely better than the alternative."


    "Honestly, he’s done far better than I expected. I voted for him in 2020 because he wasn’t Trump, but I’ll be perfectly happy with a second Biden term."


    15. "I'll be grateful that I'll have the opportunity to vote for someone better in 2028, which isn't guaranteed if Donald Trump becomes president again."


    16. "Thank. Christ. Almighty. People REALLY should understand that you're not just voting for Biden, you're voting for his entire cabinet of 15 people, hundreds of judges, thousands of other staffers, etc. Even if you hate Biden for whatever reason, his cabinet and the judges he's appointed have been INFINITELY better than the ones Trump installed when he was in office."


    "People didn’t realize this with the Clinton vs. Trump ticket. It wasn’t about the sitting president; it was about SCOTUS appointments. Trump and his admin got so incredibly lucky that the admin just so happened to be in a place to appoint three judges."


    17. And lastly: "Confident that the USA will continue to exist."


    "Extreme relief. Just like last time."


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