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Donald Trump

Republicans Stormed Into The Impeachment Investigation's Secure Room, And It Was Absolute Madness

Republicans brought pizza, Chick-fil-A, and their phones into the secure (no-phones-allowed) space Wednesday morning to protest the investigation.

Addy Baird 43 minutes ago

Vice President Mike Pence’s Big Brother Is Sitting In On Congress’s Closed-Door Impeachment Depositions

Republican Rep. Greg Pence, the vice president’s older brother, was elected to Congress last year and serves on one of the committees in charge of the impeachment inquiry.

Kadia Goba 43 minutes ago

Two Of Giuliani's Ukraine Associates Pleaded Not Guilty. Here’s How They’re Connected To Impeachment.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were indicted with financial crimes, but they’re also deeply tied to Trump’s impeachment.

Ema O'Connor 6 hours ago

Ambassador Bill Taylor Laid Out Trump’s Alleged Quid Pro Quo Request To Ukraine In Congressional Testimony

One Democrat described Tuesday’s testimony from senior US diplomat Bill Taylor as “incredibly damning.”

The Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Coming Soon To A Television Near You

“Let the public see, because ultimately the public has a right to make a determination as to what they what they think happened."

The G7 Summit Trump Awarded To His Own Resort Now Will Go Somewhere Else

Donald Trump tweeted the change late Saturday night.

Donald Trump's Impeachment, Explained For Non-Americans

Why is the US president being impeached, and who are all these new people?!

Impeachment Could Mean Most Presidential Candidates Can’t Leave Washington, Or Talk. Sorry, Those Are (Really) The Rules.

“It would be disruptive, that’s all I can tell you,” said former presidential candidate and current senator Mitt Romney, laughing.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Cashing In On Impeachment

Seven of the reelection campaign’s top days for unique donors came with the launch of the impeachment inquiry.

Democrats Haven’t Pulled Attorney General Barr Into The Impeachment Inquiry, But Trump Keeps Name-Dropping Him

Barr tapped a US attorney to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation. That probe is ongoing, and Barr has asked foreign leaders to cooperate.

Trump Needs Republicans As The Impeachment Inquiry Continues, But They’re Furious About Syria

Even some of Trump’s closest Republican allies are infuriated over his decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, though they say there’s little they can do.

One Of Rudy Giuliani’s Indicted Associates Was Tweeting About Joe Biden And Ukraine Days After Trump’s Inauguration

“I have a feeling that chapter isn’t closed," David Correia tweeted in January 2017.

These Republicans Could Have Voted To Impeach Donald Trump. But They Lost Their Jobs Last Year.

“I’m one term removed from something that does have a place in history.”

Facebook Said Politicians Can Lie In Ads. It's Taking Down Ads From Warren, Biden, And Trump For Other Reasons.

A BuzzFeed News examination found that in the first half of October, the social network has canned more than 160 ads from Biden, Warren, Sanders, Steyer, and Trump for breaking rules around profanity and fake buttons.

Rupert Murdoch Is Fighting To Keep His Fraying Empire Behind Trump And Boris Johnson

The possibility of Murdoch changing direction remains a liberal fantasy, but he is navigating deep political divides inside his own empire.

A Court Ruled, Again, That Trump's Accounting Firm Must Turn Over Financial Documents To House Democrats

The DC Circuit rejected President Donald Trump's argument that the House Oversight Committee didn't have authority to issue a subpoena to his accounting firm.

Donald Trump Got Really Personal At His First Rally Of The Impeachment Era

The president called Joe Biden's son a "loser," Rep. Ilhan Omar a "disgrace," and whipped up a crowd of thousands as the pressure builds in Washington.

Rudy Giuliani Sent Trump On A Wild Goose Chase With A Bunch Of Fake Internet Nonsense

To understand why Trump is so obsessed with Ukraine, you have to understand the nonsense Rudy Giuliani reads on the internet.

Joe Biden Said Donald Trump “Should Be Impeached”

"He's shooting holes in the Constitution,” Biden said of Trump on Wednesday, “and we cannot let him get away with it."

Two Key Players In The Ukraine Controversy Spent Lavishly As They Dug For Dirt on Biden

Bank records reveal a whirlwind of spending at high-end restaurants, an infamous strip club, and five-star hotels by the two little-known operatives who waged a back-channel campaign with Rudy Giuliani.

The Trump Administration Says It Won't Comply With Any Requests From Democrats In The Impeachment Inquiry

After preventing the US ambassador to the European Union from testifying Tuesday, the White House sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying it wouldn't participate in any other interviews or requests.

Brett Kavanaugh Asked Just One Question During His First Big LGBTQ Case On The Supreme Court

The justices will decide if a federal law against “sex” discrimination in the workplace applies to employees fired for being LGBTQ.

Joe Biden’s Sister Called Trump “Unhinged” For Attacking Her Family

"He has chosen my family to be the vehicle that he can [use to] influence the election,” Valerie Biden Owens told voters in South Carolina.

A Judge Ruled Eight Years Of Trump's Tax Returns Must Be Turned Over To A Grand Jury

A federal appeals court temporarily put the ruling on hold while Trump appeals, however.

Joe Biden's Advisers Knew In 2018 His Comments About Ukraine Would Be A Problem

Russian propaganda networks picked up on what Biden said immediately, spinning his words into something that would ultimately become a Trump obsession.

The Justice Department Has Argued Sex, Information, And Worthless Stock Were “Things Of Value.” But It Said Trump’s Request For Dirt Wasn’t.

Justice Department officials declined to open a criminal investigation into Trump’s request to the Ukrainian president because it didn’t have “quantifiable value.”

One Of The Last Anti-Impeachment Democrats Now Says He Supports The Inquiry

New York Rep. Max Rose wrote an op-ed just last month warning that impeaching President Trump could tear the country apart.

Rudy Giuliani Won’t Say If He Has An Agreement With Trump To Act As His Lawyer

"If I did, I wouldn’t show it to you, and what right do you have to ask me that?"

The Government Told A Judge It Won't Destroy Records About Trump's Calls With Foreign Leaders, For Now

The voluntary assurance came a day after a judge strongly encouraged the White House to do so, rather than risk a formal ruling from the court they "might not appreciate."

Selena Gomez Just Opened Up About Her Family Crossing The Border "Hidden In The Back Of A Truck"

"Undocumented immigration is an issue I think about every day."

A Judge Wants Assurances The Administration Won't Destroy Records About Trump's Calls With Foreign Leaders. The Justice Department Is Hesitating.

A lawsuit filed in May accusing the White House of failing to create and preserve records of the Trump administration’s calls with foreign leaders suddenly got a lot more urgent.

The Trump Administration Will Have To Pay $6.6 Million So Far To Groups That Sued Over The Census Citizenship Question

The Justice Department reached $3.9 million in settlements with challengers in Maryland, new documents show. That's on top of the $2.7 million the administration already agreed to pay the ACLU.

Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Was Also Reportedly On Trump's Ukraine Call

Pompeo would be the highest-ranking official in the Trump administration with personal knowledge of the call.

Twitter Is OK With A Pro-Trump Militia's Tweets About A "Full-Blown 'Hot' Civil War"

When is promoting violent extremism not promoting violent extremism? When Twitter says so.

Two Top Democrats Have Already “Botched” Impeachment, Their Primary Challengers Say

“He’s basically avoided doing everything he can to hold this president accountable."

The First Congress Member To Support Trump Has Resigned And Pleaded Guilty To Insider Trading

Rep. Chris Collins represented New York's 27th District and has been one of Donald Trump's most vigorous defenders.

Kamala Harris Has Missed Her Chances So Far. Will Impeachment Be Any Different?

Kamala Harris the presidential candidate often doesn’t look like Kamala Harris the prosecutor.

"This Is Not About Me": Joe Biden Is Trying To Keep The Impeachment Inquiry’s Focus On Trump

Biden held his first public campaign event on Friday since the announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump.

Opinion: Impeach William Barr

As a former assistant US attorney, I thought Barr’s past service as attorney general meant he would respect the rule of law. I was wrong.

Some Democrats Are Skipping Their Two-Week Vacation To Keep Working On Impeachment

The chairs of three House committees have already subpoenaed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for documents and have begun scheduling depositions.

Maxine Waters Says Mike Pence And The Attorney General Were Involved In The Ukraine “Conspiracy”

“They’re all involved,” Waters told BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM on Friday.

Republicans Say The Real Problem Is That Trump’s Conversation With The Ukrainian President Leaked

“I don’t know how the hell he can be president under these conditions, it’s just incredible,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

Here's How Donald Trump Ended Up Referencing A Russian-Promoted 4chan Conspiracy Theory In His Call To The Ukrainian President

From the depths of 4chan, to the president’s mouth, and then back to the depths of 4chan.

These Pictures Show Just How Messy The Clinton Impeachment Was

On Dec. 19, 1998, President Bill Clinton became the second president in US history to be impeached. He was acquitted on all charges in 1999 after the Senate failed to obtain the two-thirds majority required to convict him.

A Whistleblower Has Alleged Trump "Abused His Office For Personal Gain" — And That The White House Tried To Cover It Up

The complaint’s release comes after the White House put out a non-verbatim transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president in which Trump wanted dirt dug up on Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election.

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