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Chelsea Handler


8 Potential New "Late Night" Hosts Who Aren't White Men

The New York Post says Seth Meyers or Howard Stern may take over for Jimmy Fallon when he moves to The Tonight Show. Hey, NBC, why not consider someone who isn't a white man?

Where Does Jay Leno Rank Among The Rest Of Late Night?

"The Tonight Show" host took a $15 million pay cut to prevent staff layoffs, so where does this place him among his rivals?

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape

[UPDATE: Chelsea Handler video is apparently going to be released? The non-sex versions of the Chelsea Handler sextape have already surfaced, so, I dunno, cross your fingers! According to RadarOnline, the rest of the tape will be available to watch online soon.] Chelsea Handler, who is the controversial host of Chelsea Lately (controversial in that there is controversy related to whether she is capable of being funny under any circumstances), apparently made a sex tape! As a joke! It's the world's first joke sex tape. She claims it was made as a spoof on the audition-tape format. Apparently, it begins as a stand-up routine and then degenerates. Watch Chelsea Handler's sextape at her next birthday party - evidently she does showings.

In The Motherhood

Forgetting anything they learned (or didn't learn) about NBC's quarterlife, ABC has given the green light to airing thirteen episodes of web series In The Motherhood, starring Leah Remini, Chelsea Handler, and Jenny McCarthy.

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