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Jennifer Garner Is Going Viral After Her Question About Regina King's Family Ancestry Resurfaced Online

"Jennifer Garner is so trash for that question and Regina King is GOAT for her response."

Do y'all remember the show Dinner Party: My American Experience, with Chelsea Handler?

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It ran for two seasons back in 2017.

Well, this week, an old clip from her interview with Regina King, Jennifer Garner, and others resurfaced online.

The video begins with Chelsea asking her guests — who also include Rob Riggle, Mary McCormack, and Dan Savage — to share a little about their families and where they're from as they sit down for dinner. Regina goes first, sharing that she's "proudly" from LA. "Born and bred," she says. "One of the few people that are born and bred in LA."

Close-up of Regina smiling

"It's, I think, a very cool thing," Regina adds, "and I kind of wear it on my chest very proudly because so many people say, 'Oh, LA is this and LA is that,' and I'm like, well, you're not from LA, so you don't really know it."

A close-up of Regina King posing for photographers on the red carpet at a media event

Jennifer — who's sitting across from her — then interrupts to ask, "But do you know where your ancestors are from?"

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"Well, yeah," Regina replies, laughing slightly awkwardly. "They were part of the triangle slave trade. From Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Senegal, but my parents are both from the South."

Close-up of Regina at a media event

People found the question strange and inappropriate.

And shocking, coming from one of our faves to another.

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Others defended Jen, pointing out that Chelsea had also asked them about their families.

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So far, neither of them has commented on the resurfaced clip, but we'll let you know if they do! In the meantime, you can see the whole convo here on Netflix.