Martha Stewart Didn't Know What A Thirst Trap Is, But She Agrees That Photo She Posted On Instagram "Definitely" Is One

    "I don't know what for, but they're proposals."

    You probably saw last week that Martha Stewart had taken her almost-million-follower-strong Instagram presence and pivoted to posting thirst traps.

    A legend, I think you'll agree.

    Martha used the opportunity to brag about the depth, protruding steplessness, and chlorine-free-ness of the pool at her house in the Hamptons which, in her words, is "a fun place to swim!!!"

    But the features of Martha's swimming pool ended up being kind of ignored.

    Man if y’all don’t come get Martha Stewart off the gram lmaoooooooo

    Well, it turns out Martha is well aware of the public response to her selfie, and despite not actually knowing what one is, she admitted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that it was "definitely" a thirst trap.

    Accidentally opening your selfie camera and looking so good that you decide to take the photo and immediately post it on Instagram? It could never be me.

    "Just eat well, exercise well, garden, climb mountains," Martha went on when asked how she stays looking so good. "I climbed Kilimanjaro. For goodness sake, I went up into the Himalayas."

    As for the response to her photo, Martha said she ended up connecting with Chelsea Handler after the comedian tried emulating the picture on her own Instagram, and they have big plans together.

    And as for the general public, Martha told E!'s Daily Pop that the photo resulted in her receiving "14 proposals".

    "I don't know what for, but they're proposals," Martha said.

    You can read the full Entertainment Tonight interview here, and watch Martha on E! Daily Pop here.