17 Celebrity House Tour Moments That Made Me Cry Sad Little Peasant Tears

    Please, PLEASE let me move in.

    1. When Zedd literally walked into the wrong room in his mega mansion because there were too many rooms and doors to keep track of:

    Zedd walking into the wrong room and saying, "Oh wait, I thought this was a different room. There's a lot of doors here."

    2. When Kendall Jenner casually showed off the $2 million James Turrell art piece just chillin' in her entryway.

    Kendall standing next to her James Turrell piece and discussing it

    3. When Nicole Scherzinger revealed her super-plushy home theater, complete with lights on the stairs and GIANT velvet couches:

    Nicole sinking into one of the 7 foot long couches in her theater and saying, "this room is like a big 'ol hug"

    4. When Shay Mitchell kicked things off by showing us her crystal chandelier, which weighs the same as a small elephant:

    The chandelier hanging in Shay's entryway and Shay explaining, "it actually weighs 1,000 pounds"

    5. When Jessica Alba's $10 million mansion included a backyard that stretched into another dimension:

    Jessica speaking in the front of the shot, and her kids playing on a swing set what looks like a mile away behind her

    6. When Naomi Campbell's villa in Kenya had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pools:

    one pool in the living room, two pool in the back courtyard, and another pool in the guest quarters

    7. When Serena Williams' house had a whole-ass art gallery, complete with a side room dedicated to her trophies.

    The open floor plan art gallery, looking straight out of a museum, and serena leading us into the trophy room to show off her trophies

    8. When Big Sean showed us his basement and there was a full-on nightclub down there:

    The nightclub, complete with couches, a bar, DJ booth, disco ball, and stripper pole

    9. When Scott Disick revealed that he watches TV in bed using a 12-foot projector screen that automatically drops from the ceiling:

    Scott next to the projector screen saying, "now you have a mini cinema in your master bedroom"

    10. When Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo each had their own closet the size of my apartment:

    Adam and Behati's walk-in closets, complete with center islands for accessories, chaise beds, and racks upon racks of shoes and clothings

    11. When Bretman Rock's beauty room was basically a mini Sephora:

    Bretman saying, "I literally have sephora in my house", shelves upon shelves of makeup, and sephora themed curtains

    12. When Troye Sivan's bedroom was in its own cozy tower:

    Troy going up a set of spiral stairs and arriving in his bedroom

    13. When Hilary Duff showed off her son's room, aka a multi-story jungle gym:

    The bedroom, with a built in slide, play net, and ladder to a bunch of different loft spaces

    14. When Maria Sharapova's basement was a literal bowling alley:

    The bowling alley, complete with two functioning lanes, balls of different weights, and a computer system

    15. When Neil Patrick Harris had a parlor bar straight out of a speakeasy, complete with "turn-of-the-century monkeys":

    The parlor bar, complete with wooden detailing, cozy couches, old lamps, and taxidermy monkeys lining the top of the bar

    16. When Chelsea Handler indulged by installing a personal steam room in her bathroom, complete with special sauna suits:

    Chelsea opening the door to the sauna, the inside of the sauna complete with a nice bench and lots of shelving, and chelsea holding up the canvas sauna suit

    17. And finally, when Cara Delevingne had the imagination and the funds to install an actual, functioning VAGINA TUNNEL in her home:

    Cara showing off the vagina tunnel and crawling through it, ending up in a different part of the house

    Shoutout to Architectural Digest for always keeping me humble and reminding me how the other half lives!!! 🙃