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    15 Times Celebs Called Out Interviewers For Being Problematic

    "Don't be so racist."

    1. When Sophia Vergara called out Chelsea Handler:


    2. When Robert Downey Jr. called out this interviewer for bringing up his substance abuse:

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    3. When Ariana Grande called out these hosts' sexism:

    4. When Katie Couric asked an invasive question about trans model Carmen Carrera's genitalia, and Laverne Cox stepped in to educate Katie:

    Yahoo News

    5. Dakota Johnson called out Ellen for lying about not inviting her to her birthday party:


    6. And when Hasan Minhaj called out Ellen for mispronouncing his name:


    7. When Scarlett Johansson called out this creepy interviewer's question:


    8. When interviewers focused on Taylor Swift writing songs about her exes, as if it was a bad thing:

    9. Tom Hardy pushed back when a reporter asked about his sexuality:

    10. When Anne Hatheway was like, "Why are you asking about my weight right now????" and turned it on the interviewer:


    11. When Rashida Jones was asked how she got so tan:


    12. When Mariah Carey clapped back at Rosie O'Donnell because she said she was dressed "trampy":


    13. And when Mariah went back at Carson Daly for making a homophobic comment, saying the "Loverboy" shirts were only for women:


    14. When Jane Fonda didn't like when Megyn Kelly brought up her facelift:


    15. And lastly, when Simone Biles had the best response to being told to smile more:


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