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    Samantha Bee Had The Perfect Reaction To Vanity Fair's All-Male Comedy Cover

    The magazine left out any female hosts in their coverage of late-night comedy, so Samantha Bee responded on Twitter with...a centaur?

    Earlier today, Vanity Fair tweeted out a photo from their feature on late-night TV hosts, and lots of people noticed a glaring issue.

    We talked to all the titans of late-night television, and found out why it's better than ever

    Namely, they noticed that there aren't any women in the photo.

    @VanityFair Because it's a sausage-fest?

    Of course, that's partly because there just aren't a lot of women in late-night TV to begin with.

    Ok I hate to be on the opposite side of the argument did people really need a vanity fair picture to realize how homogenous late night TV is

    But Vanity Fair overlooked one very important person: former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee.


    Bee will be hosting a late-night talk show titled Full Frontal With Samantha Bee this January on TBS, putting her squarely in the late-night comedy landscape.

    Bee took the opportunity to respond in the best way possible. First this:

    Then THIS:


    Vanity Fair / Samantha Bee

    Oh, and there's also the matter of Chelsea Handler, whose Netflix talk show is set to premiere in 2016 as well.


    Handler hasn't tweeted about the photo yet, but wait for it.

    But mostly, LASER-SHOOTING CENTAUR SAMANTHA BEE (and maybe John Oliver) FOR PRESIDENT 2016!

    Vanity Fair / Samantha Bee

    Bless you, Samantha Bee.

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